Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Beginning With B

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With B

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With B

Baashir — One known for his bravery and loyalty.

Baboor — Afghan – Happiness; Turkish – Lion; A variant of name Babor and Babur

Badawi — Bringer of good news or good tidings

Badia — One who is a marvel of time

Badiah — Name of Myrobalan tree; desire to be independent

Badih — Able to improvise, or one who is witty and creative.

Badilayn — Badilayn is an Arabic name, meaning substitutes, or replacements.

Badr al Din — One who is like the full moon of faith

Badr al Din — Full moon of the faith.

Badrawi — One who is like the full moon, beautiful and radiant.

Badru — Arabic – Full Moon; A variant of name Badr

Badsah — Leader; King; Ruler; Emperor;

Badshah — Leader; King; Ruler; Emperor;

Bahauddaulah — He is the ornament of the kingdom

Bahauddin — One who is restless; Ready to accept challenges

Bahaudeen — One who has great faith in Almighty

Bahaudin — He is the magnificent of the faith in God

Bahaullah — Paradise; religion’s leader

Baheen — An exalted and peace loving person

Baher — A brilliant, dazzling and opn hearted person

Bahhas — One who is good in examining the facts

Bahij — A courageous and manly person

Bahim — One who cannot be mixed; pure

Bahir — A luminous and spakling personality

Bahiran — Name of a small island near the sea

Bahis — One who is deep rooted; explorer

Bahiyat — A very precious person

Bahiyuddin — A beautiful, practical and patient person

Bahiyudeen — One who can have full faith in Almighty

Bahiyudin — Magnificent faith and trust

Bahiyyaldin — One who has the ability to understand people

Bahjat — A happy and content individual

Bahlol — One who is the leader of the tribe

Bahlul — One who smiles often, or one who does a lot of good deeds.

Bahmat — One who is a kid at heart

Bahrudin — Glow of faith

Short Arabic Boy Names Beginning with B.

Bahu — Name of a Saint; rod like

Bahur — One who is lucid and brilliant

Bahy — One who has intense personal nature; good looking

Bahzar — A wise and respected human being

Baid — A reserved and serious natured person

Bairbel — Precious gem stones.

Bais — A reasonable and practical person

Bajih — One who remains happy in every occasion

Bajul — A diligent worker

Bakarah — A happy and versatile person

Bakhshish — Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present

Bakht — One who is considered to be lucky for mankind

Unique Arabic Boy Names Beginning with B.

Bakhtaawar — A lucky and fortunate individual; majestic

Bakhtiaar — One who is lucky and fortunale

Bakhtiar — One who is considered fortunate

Bakhtiyar — A lucky and fortunate individual

Bakhur — One who is soaked in fragnant oils

Bakir — One who can rip open

Bakkah — Another name of Mecca

Bakor — A Camel; one who is sensitive and humble

Bakr — A baby camel

Bakri — One who can start any work early

Bakshish — Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present

Baksis — Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with B.

Baksish — Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present

Bakurah — The amazing time of Dawn

Balagh — One who delivers the message

Balaj — Means shine or glitter. It symbolizes the great heights the child will reach in life.

Balaq — Means an assortment of colours. It symbolizes a lot of happiness and joy.

Balj — The name means delighted. It was the name of the narator of Hadith.

Baljat — The name means Dawn and brightness.

Bambad — Early morning.

Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with B.

Banayot — Arabic name for Boys

Bandes — Arabic name for Boys

Banna — Builder; Architect

Baqa — Survival; Immortality; Eternity

Baqai — Immortal

Baqar — Inevitable or poweful

Baqat — Bouquet; Bunch of Flowers

Baqee — Remaining, Lasting

Baqi — Everlasting; Eternal

Baqil — A young and handsome bloke

Baqir — Deeply Learned; Genius; Scholar; Opulent; Fierce

Baqiyya — The enduring one

Baraat — Security

Barahim — Father of the People

Baraj — Handsome

Baraka — Blessings, Abundance

Barakaa — Blessings or abundance.

Barakaat — Blessings; Prosperity, Abundance;

Barakah — Consent, Blessing

Barakatullah — Blessing of Allah

Bararat — Pious; Truthful

Barbat — Lute, A musical intrument

Bareed — Messenger; Partner

Bareeq — Glitter; Flash; Lustre; Brightness; Brilliance; Radiance

Baresham — Silk

Barhamat — Flower Bud

Barhi — Thanks

Bari — Skillful

Barii — Innocent, pure

Barij — Good Sailor

Barjees — Jupiter or a star of the 6th sky.

Barkat — Abundance, Prosperity, Blessing, Auspicious

Barmak — A chief

Barna — Son of Comforting; Young; Youth

Baroka — Arabic name for Boys

Barq — Lightening; Telegraph

Barqash — A Bird Whose Voice is Very Charming

Barqi — Electric Light

Barz — Intelligent

Basaam — Smiling

Basair — Another Name For The Quran

Basam — Smiling

Basar — Sight, Vision, The Eye

Basasiri — Arabic name for Boys

Basaud — Exalted; Blessed

Baseerat — Insight; Perception

Baseet — Vast; Spacious

Basel — Brave

Basem — Smiling

Basha — Daughter of God; Stranger; King; Emperor; Noble

Bashaar — Bringer Of Glad Tidings

Bashaarat — Good News, Glad Tidings

Bashar — Man, Mortal

Basharaat — Good Omen; Prophecy

Bashari — Human

Bashash — Friendly

Basheer — One Who Carries Good News

Bashhar — Bringer of glad tidings

Bashiq — A well educated man

Bashir — Harbinger Of Good Things, A Messenger Of Good News

Bashirat — Prudent; Intelligence

Bashiyr — One who brings good news

Bashsh — Glad; Cheerful

Bashshar — Bringer Of Good News

Bashush — Friendly

Basim — Smiling

Basir — One Of The Ninety-Nine Names Of God

Bassama — He who is smiling

Bassaym — The smiling one.

Powerful Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with B.

Bassem — Smiling, in good spirit, cheery

Bassma — A smile

Bastaq — Servant; Attendant

Batik — Sharp Sword

Batin — Hidden, concealed, secrete

Batish — Mighty; Powerful

Batshah — Day of Judgment

Bayan — Another Name For The Quran

Bayazid — Name of a Saint

Bayhas — courageous

Bayyan — Clear, Evident

Baz — Falcon

Bazan — Art

Bazel — Royal, imperial, majestic

Bazil — Kingly, royal, regal

Bazir — Educated; A Great Person

Bazish — Aggressive; Hard-liner

Bazl — Prize; Reward

Bazmakh — Proud, self important

Bazugh — Sunrise, dawn, daylight

Bbusoowy — Arabic name for Boys

Be Nazir — Unequalled, Matchless, Unique

Bebo — Loved One

Bedar — Wakeful; Attentive; Enlightened

Behlol — Leader; A Famous Saint

Behnam — Reputable (Someone With Honorable Name)

Behr — Wave

Behraam — Mars; Planet

Behram — A Planet, Mars

Behrang — Good Color

Black Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with B.

Behrouz — Opportune, Fortunate, Lucky

Behroz — Sacred; Noble

Bekir — First Born

Bekkem — Arabic name for Boys

Beram — Fun; Eid; Enjoyment

Berezat — Exalted

Besim — A happy soul.

Bhasin — Shining; Brilliant

Bihar — Ocean; Seas

Bihzad — Well Born

Bikr — First Born; Eldest

Bilaal — Call to Prayer; Choosen One; A variant of name Bilal

Bilal — The Prophet’S Person Calling Prayer

Bin — Derived From Bingham; it means the ‘child of’

Birjees — Jupiter; Planet

Birousk — Light or radiance.

Bisaam — One who is always smiling.

Bisharat — Good News

Bishr — Joy

Bishrul — One who is physical lover and has strength

Bismillah — Beginning; Commencement

Borak — She is like a lightning

Boualem — A distinguished man

Bouid — Learned, virtuous, vivid, knowledgeable

Boulos — humble and polite. it is the arabic form of the name “PAUL”

Boulus — humble and polite. it can also be spelled as “Boulos” and is the arabic variant of the english name “Paul”

Bouraoui — it is a last name which means that the person does not really conform to the social norms but rather is a happy go lucky person.

Boutros — means a stone or rock. It is the arabic form of the name “Peter”

Bruhier — A Sultan’s name

Budat — A princley man

Buhmah — One who cannot be defeted, an invincible man

Buhsum — A firm and hard Boy

Buhur — A man who is oceans, seeas, and rivers in one

Bujudat — One who keeps his word

Bukrat — A dawn, a new day

Buluj — A glittering and shinning Boy

Bulus — A small and humble person

Bulusu — A person who is humble and small

Buraid — A noble man.

Buraq — A Boy who is a bright one

Buras — A Boy who is a rock or a stone

Burj — A person who is like a tower, a tall one

Buruj — A name for the signs of the zodiac

Bushur — The news that bring happiness

Busraq — An Indian yellow ruby

Busrat — To be victorious is the best feeling

Butros — A Boy of rock and stone

Butrus — He is like a stone or a rock

Buurab — AN earth’s father

Buyahya — A yahya’s father

Buzabiz — A strong garden-like Boy

Buzat — ne who loves ice-creams

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Beginning With B