April Fool’s Pranks For Kids

Easy April Fools Pranks To Play On Your Kids: Do you play April Fools pranks on your kids? Because no one enjoys fun time like children. Get the little ones in on the fun by targeting them with some harmless and fun.

Bring laughs and cheers to your little ones with these silly April Fool’s Day prank. They will definitely love these goofy gags that you can put together in a minute or two.

April Fool’s Pranks for Kids That Are Silly and Harmless

#1. Googly Eyes Prank


First, Get out that bag of googly eyes from the craft drawer or buy a bunch if you do not have any. Second, open your fridge and decorate everything you see: from packages, bottle, Tupperware, and piece of fruit in their refrigerator with a pair of peepers. When your kids open the fridge, they’ll be stunned to realize that every last item of food—yes, even that expired yogurt—is staring back at them.

#2. Brussels Sprouts Sweet Switcheroo Prank

Brussels Sprouts Sweet Switcheroo Prank

Pop Brussels sprouts on candy sticks and cover them with chocolate or candy wrappers. When your kids are expecting to bite into a cake pop or unwrap a lollipop, they’ll realize your dessert offering was just an April Fool’s joke. Womp womp!

#3. Undrinkable Jelly Drinks Prank

Undrinkable Jelly Drinks Prank

Whip up some Jell-O, toss in a straw, and let it set in clear drinking glasses until it resembles their favorite flavor of juice or fruit punch. Serve up these glasses of “juice” to your kids — who will get absolutely nowhere when they try to slurp it up through the straw.

#4. Harmless Toothpaste Fake-Out Prank

April fools Salt_toothpaste prank for kids
What’s the first thing your kids do when they get up in the morning? Brush their teeth! So for a harmless (even tasty) prank, hand them a toothbrush topped with… something that looks like toothpaste. Instead, they’ll find their mouth filled with icing, cream cheese, or whatever passable substitute you have on hand.

#5. Frozen Cereal Prank For Kids

Frozen Cereal Prank For Kids

After your kiddos go down for the night before April 1, pour a bowl with their favorite cereal — including milk and spoon. Then place the bowl in the freezer. When you serve it up in the morning, they’ll dig in for a hearty spoonful — only to find the whole thing frozen solid, utensil and all.

#6. Tied-Up Trick 

Tie kids’ shoelaces together so they’ll get nowhere fast when they try to head out the door on April 1. Or, just fill their shoes with tissue paper or socks so their feet don’t fit inside.

#7. Dirty Diaper Prank

Dirty Diaper prank

Yes, the classic baby shower game of melted chocolate inside a diaper works great as a timeless April Fool’s Prank, too. If you have a baby in the home, smear a diaper with chocolate candy or peanut butter; then call in a spouse or child to observe with horror as you taste the mess.

#8. Harmless April Fools’ Day Prank with Brownies
Harmless April Fools' Day Prank with Brownies

“Hey kids, I made brownies!” Well, that’s how it will sound when you say it — and they’ll come running. But when they lift up the foil covering the tray in the kitchen, they’ll find a collection of letter E’s you carefully cut from brown construction paper.

Steps to make fake brownies prank:

It all starts with this E cookie cutter.

Brownies – Homemade or store bought will work equally well.

Brown Card Stock or Construction Paper

Line a 9 by 13 inch baking pan with foil and bake a batch of brownies. When they’re completely cooled, use the foil to remove the brownies from the pan. The cut as many Brownie E’s from your brownies as you can.

Using the cookie cutter, cut a bunch of brown E’s from construction paper.

Cut the brownies left over after you used the cookie cutter into tiny little squares. A lot of these will already be cut for you from the space between the arms of the E cookie cutter.

Put each version of brownies on a plate and cover each plate with a cloth napkin. Ask your family if they’d like some brownies for a treat. First remove the napkin from the brown paper E’s. Hee hee hee. April Fool’s!

More Fun April Fool’s Pranks To Play On Children

  • Superglue a coins to the ground. If your children are anything like mine, they’ll be super excited just to find a penny. If you want to go big, put out a quarter or two on your driveway or sidewalk.
  • Put a surprise in the mailbox. Grab a favorite stuffed animal or a plastic bug or something fun and pop it in the mailbox and then send them out to get the mail.
  • Put a helium balloon inside the toilet and close the lid. When they open the toilet in the morning, the ballon will pop out. Bonus points if you write “April Fools!” on the balloon, but no need to go crazy.
  • Put a sheet of bubble wrap under a bath or door mat. My girls would flip over this since, like most kids, they are obsessed with bubble wrap.
  • After they’re asleep, switch your kids to different beds. I have some children that are DEEP sleepers (and some that aren’t), so this might work. And would be hilarious.
  • Replace Cheetos with carrot sticks. This is probably the most involved April Fools prank on this list, but it’s still pretty darn simple. Open a personal size bag of Cheetos from the bottom, dump out the Cheetos (into your own mouth, if you wish), and then put in carrot sticks and carefully glue the bottom closed again.
  • Put Sprite in their water bottle. If your child takes a water bottle to school, swap out the water for Sprite. My children would think they’d died and gone to heaven after the initial shock.
  • Draw a mustache or big eyebrows on your child’s face while they’re sleeping. Most kids don’t even look in the mirror for a while, so you can get a quiet laugh out of watching them walk around obliviously.
  • Seal their bedroom door with plastic wrap or wrapping paper. When they open the door in the morning, they’ll be greeted with a good little surprise.
April Fool’s Pranks For Kids