Anglo Baby Names For Girls With Meanings

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List of Anglo Baby Names For Girls With Meanings

Diera — A beautiful lovely creature

Hartleigh — Variant of Hartley

Forever — It essentially means something which is eternal and everlasting

Hild — Battle Maid; War; Noble

Franklinia — A flowering tree named after Benjamin Franklin; based on its root ‘Frankin’ the name should mean ‘free’

Nora — The person who is possessing righteousness and brightness.

Andrea — Feminine of Andrew; a defender of mankind who is manly and strong

Carolyn — A joyful song of happiness

Chelsea — A chalk wharf

Clover — A plant that origins from the pea family and is a fodder plant for animals

Darla — Very dear one

Darlene — A child loved by all

Dixie — The French word for ten; southern state

Hayley — Hay Meadow

Kendra — Kendra means She is a Prophetess

Megan — A strong and capable woman

Ardith — The one fighting a good war

Brona — A brown-haired or dark-haired woman

Cartimandua — A name of the Brigantes Queen

Coenburga — Woman bold like a fortress

Colley — A black coloured bird

Collibe — Hailing from a dark, dull village with no source of light

Cuthburga — A massive fortress

Cuthburh — One who keeps records

Cwen — A born Queen

Cyne — A Royal person

Cyneburg — Daughter of a King

Cyneburga — The one from Royal fortress

Cyneburh — A famous personality

Darelene — Sweet and lovable

Darelle — Gently loved

Dawn — Daybreak time

Denegyth — A healthy, cute and a master of great personality

Eadburg — Ead means ‘Fortune’ and burg means ‘Fortress’.

Eadburga — Ead means ‘Wealth’ and burg means ‘Protection’.

Eadgifu — They are a rich gift to mankind

Eadgyth — Wife of a wise counsellor

Eadgytha — Wise wife of a counsellor

Eadhild — Maid of a rich battle

Eadlyn — A healthy and wealthy friend

Ealhswith — One who is lucky and fertile

Earcongota — One with broad visions and ideas

Edhida — One who is joyful and happy

Edhita — A happy natured person who is in love


— The one who is prosperous and lovely

Editha — Blessed to be successful person or individual

Edla — A born Princess; they are efficient and joyous

Eduwiges — Fighting woman; one who is a good speaker

Edwina — A successful friend; a rich and wealthy friend

Edwinc — Warrior; one who has varied experiences

Edyna — One who came from edinburgh

Egberthe — A brilliant sword which is unique

Egbertina — A shinning sword which can kill

Egbertine — A pointed edge of sword; very sharp

Eidyth — Joyous and loving person

Eidytha — Joyous and lovely person

Eldit — A wealthy and sweet natured person

Eldridge — A sage like faithful and wise advisor

Elfgifu — A gift from the Elves

Elfin — One who is the ruler of the Elves

Elivina — A beautiful friend of the Elves

Ellan — Bright and shining light of magic

Ellette — A little, magical Elf

Elswyth — this means elf from the willow trees.

Elwine — this name means a friend of the elves.

Engelieth — a battle.

Eoforhild — a battle of boars.

Eormengyth — somebody who takes a public oath.

Eormenhild — a feminized word meaning someone who has taken a public oath.

Eostre — goddess of the dawn.

Eowyn — she was a shieldmaiden and relative of King Theoden.

Esla — it is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning truth.

Ethelinda — Noble serpent

Fone — Variant of Celtic name ‘Fionn’ which means fair and white

Frideswid — Peace that is sustainable

Frideswide — Refers to sustainable peace.

Fridiswed — One living with peace

Fridiswid — One who is with peace

Fridswed — Oh who like peace

Gaega — A topographic name; hill and stream

Georgianna — Similar to Georgeanna

Georgina — A form of Georgia

Goldiva — Varient of name Godifu which means the precious gift of god to the parents. A great blessing from God.

Haedde — A deserving, low-born woman

Haeddi — One who deserves something

Hagona — An Anglo-Saxon name for a low botn women

Hairud — She of fame and honor

Herelufu — means here (army) + lufu (love)

Hicela — An old Anglo-Saxon female name

Hlappa — A name given to a low-born daughter

Hlossa — A low-born daughter’s name

Hlud — A low-born child’s name

Hluda — A daughter who is of low status

Hluppa — A woman who was born in a low status

Hoca — A woman who is of low rank

Hocca — A name given to she who is of low rank

Hocga — An Anglo-Saxon old girls name

Hounild — A female name of Anglo-Saxon origin

Hounilda — A girls name of Anglo-Saxon origin

Anglo Baby Names For Girls With Meanings