Anglo Baby Names For Boys With Meanings

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List of Anglo Baby Names For Boys With Meanings

Arlo — manly, strong

Brandon — One who is a brave, vigilant person

Braxton — Settlement of the Brock

Bryce — A nobleman’s male child

Everett — somebody who is very brave like a wild boar.

Garrett — Derived from Gerald (rule of the spear) or Gerard (brave and strong as spear)

Graham — A Boy from the gray house. Gray is the sign of intelligence.

King — The name King means Royal Ruler

Reed — A person who lives in the red clearing in the woods

Aeldra — Lives at the Elder Tree; means Noble

Aelfric — Elf Ruler; King of Elves

Aelle — Name of Several Kings; one of many names after Elf

Aescwine — Spear Friend

Aethelbald — Noble and Bold; A King of Mercia

Aethelbert — Bright Nobility

Aethelfrith — Noble Peace

Aethelhard — Noble Strength

Aethelhere — Name of a King

Aethelstan — Noble Stone

Aethelwulf — Noble Wolf

Agilberht — Name of a Bishop

Aiekin — Oaken

Aldfrith — Name of a King

Aldhelm — Name of a Bishop

Alfric — Elf King; A Variant of name Aelfric

Almund — Noble Protection; Defender of the Temple

Atol — Someone who is hateful

Attwell — Lives by the Spring; Someone who lived by the stream

Atwater — From the Water Edge; Someone who lived by the River or Lake

Atwell — Lives by the Spring; Someone who lived by the stream

Averel — Old English – Boar like in Battle; A variant of Averill

Averell — Old English – Boar like in Battle; A variant of Averill

Averil — Old English – Boar like in Battle; A variant of Averill

Averill — Old English – Boar like in Battle; Derived from the elements ‘eofor’ meaning boar

Aylett — One who has noble and great personality

Baldwinn — A bold and beautiful person

Beorma — A name of a man who inhabited Bermingham. A name probably means fermented or frothy in Old English

Bordan — One who comes from the valley of bears


— He lives in the valley of bears

Bradwin — A bearded friend

Bras — It is a surname

Bron — A dark or brown man

Cadman — One who is a soldier, a warrior

Cafnoth — An Anglo-Saxon male name

Ceatta — A name of the obscure Anglo-Saxon saint

Ceawlin — A name of the King

Cenhelm — A brave man who protects

Cenwalh — The name of a King

Ceolmund — The one who protects and pampers

Ceolweard — Name of a King; they are beloved

Ceolwulf — A beloved King

Cerdic — Name of King; the beloved one

Chadwik — They are warrior

Chadwyck — The dairy farm of Ceadda

Coelfrid — One who comes from the coal fields

Coenbehrt — A brave and bold advisor

Coenberg — A bold and brave one

Coenburg — He is bold like a fortress

Covington — Habitational name from ‘Covinton’ in Lanarkshire and Old English form ‘Cofington’.

Crompton — Originated from the word “Crumpton” which implies bowed or malformed; Could be used to refer to a person from the winding farm

Croston — A farm or a settlement

Croydon — A Valley

Cuddie — The bright one

Cuin — A reasonable free man

Cusick — A harsh term

Cuthred — A counsel

Cuthwulf — Wolf; one filled with power

Cyneagils — The Royal Ruler

Cynefrid — The one who is kinglike and a noble being

Cynegils — Name of a born King

Cyneric — The one who has power

Cynerik — A royal and powerful person

Cynesige — The one who always wins

Cynewulf — An elegant royal King

Daegal — Night dweller

Dalston — the one from Dougal’s place

Dodson — A determined and pratical person by nature

Dunton — A settlement name; hill

Durwin — A good and dear friend

Durwyn — One who is the friend of a Deer

Dyke — Dike or ditch

Eadbehrt — Ead means ‘Blessed’ and behrt means ‘Bright’

Eadbert — Name of a King

Eadhelm — A friendly and social person.

Eadmaer — The one who comes from riches and greatness

Eadred — A rich, happy and eager person

Eadwacer — Heaven-watcher; A person who is of expressive nature.

Eadwig — It means a rich or prosperous person.

Ealdgyth — An old battle maid; the noble one

Ealhred — A hall or a big place

Ealhstan — They are stone hard and temple pure

Earconbert — One who has many qualities and personal insight

Earle — It means chief or nobleman.

Ecgbert — A sharp edge of a sword

Ecgfrith — A born leader; name of a king

Edburga — The great, guardian protector

Anglo Baby Names For Boys With Meanings