Ancient Greek Names For Baby Girls With Meanings

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Short Greek Strong Girl Names

Hebe — Young

Irka — A peaceful woman

Lipa — A lover of horses, or friend of horses.

Aneka — For the one with God’s grace and majestic personality and friendly nature

Arlet — Eagle; name of an east Indian spice

Aster — An Old Greek name derived from asteri meaning star

Corra — An unmarried virgin woman; a maiden

Elpis — Hope

Filis — Green verdure, lush greenery

Hagne — Ancient Greek form of Agnes. It means chaste.

Irini — A variant of Irene, meaning peaceful.

Lenci — The one whose light shines bright

Liene — Maiden or virgin

Phile — Feminine form of Philon. It means lover or friend.

Rhode — Ancient Greek form of Rhoda. It means rose.

Agnes — A chaste woman

Irene — Peace

Xenia — Hospitality

Ancient Greek Names Female Meaning Beauty

Anneth — Variation of Hannah; a beautiful prayer

Astara — Old Greek star

Athena — Greek goddess of wisdom

Athene — Greek goddess of war and wisdom

Eunike — Greek form of Eunice. It means good victory.

Fillys — Green verdure, leafy branch

Galyna — A girl who stays calm and quite in every situation. Calmness.

Hermie — Abrupt Or the peak of a mountain

Irusya — Peaceful

Larysa — Sea gull

Greek Women’s Names Ancient

Nastka — Resurrection

Phoibe — Ancient Greek form of Phoebe. It means bright, pure.

Zenais — Ancient Greek variant of Zenaida. It means shine or sky.

Zosime — Feminine form of Zosimos. It means likely to survive.

Greek Popular Girl Names

Sophia — She who possess great knowledge and wisdom

Annella — God is gracious one and he has answered the prayers

Annelle — God has answered the prayers

Arsenie — Arsenie is a variation of Arsenia and means virile.

Aspasia — Name of the lover Pericles

Astraea — A derivative from the Greek language for the star

Elenuta — Elenuta is a variant of Helen, meaning shining or bright one.

Euanthe — Blooming, flowery

Eumelia — Melody

Isidora — Gift of Isis

Myrrine — Myrrh

Tasenka — Resurrection

Zinaida — Daughter of Zeus.

Girl Names From Ancient Greek

Melissa — Germanic – Hard Worker; Greek – Honey; Bee; Strong Work; Industrious; Highborn Power; Variant of Melissa

Aftonio — The literal meaning of aftonio means one who does have any jealousy.

Asphodel — Name of the flower lily; resembles a flower

Eugeneia — Ancient Greek feminine form of Eugene. It means well born.

Eupraxia — Good conduct

Euthymia — Feminine form of Euthymius. It means in good spirit.

Eutropia — Feminine form of Eutropios. It means versatile.

Eutychia — Feminine form of Eutychios. It means fortunate.

Lysandra — She who is a defender of men

Sostrate — Safe army

Euthalia — Flower or Bloom

Olympias — Belongs to the home of Gods

Athanasia — Greek name for immortal

Cleopatra — Father’s glory or fame; recognition of Father

Khrystyna — Follower of Christ.

Ptolemais — Feminine form of Ptolemaios. It means aggressive or warlike.

Theokleia — Ancient Greek form of Thekla. It means glory of God.

Ancient Greek Names Female And Meanings

Xanthippe — Yellow horse. It’s a feminine form of Xanthippos.

Kassandra — Kassandra means She Who Shines and Attracts Men

Demostrate — Army of the people

Lysistrate — Releasing or losing the army.

Nikephoros — Carrying victory

Nymphodora — Bride or nymph

Oleksandra — Ukrainian version of Alexandra, meaning protector of men.

Chrysanthe — A golden coloured flowering plant

Aikaterine — Ancient Greek form of Katerine. It means pure.

Aristomache — She who is best in the battle.

Kallistrate — Beautiful army

Ancient Greek Names For Baby Girls With Meanings