Albert Einstein Quotes About Freedom

Albert Einstein Quotes About Freedom

Albert Einstein is a rare icon, whose wisdom extended far beyond the realm of science to reveal a man with an almost childlike sense of wonder and a profound love of humanity. He was named Person of the Century by TIME in 1999. Einstein also had a way with words, and many beautiful quotes have been attributed to him over the years. Here are some memorable Einstein quotes on freedom.

Albert Einstein Quotes On Freedom

“At least once a day, allow yourself the freedom to think and dream for yourself.” ― Albert Einstein

“One has to realize that the powerful industrial groups concerned in the manufacture of arms are doing their best in all countries to prevent the peaceful settlement of international disputes” ― Albert Einstein

“The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.” ― Albert Einstein

“For human community life cannot long endure on a basis of crude force, brutality, terror, and hate.” ― Albert Einstein

“It is almost a miracle that modern teaching methods have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry; for what this delicate little plant needs more than anything, besides stimulation, is freedom.” ― Albert Einstein

“All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man’s life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom.” ― Albert Einstein

“Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population.” ― Albert Einstein

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” ― Albert Einstein

“As long as I have any choice in the matter, I shall live only in a country where civil liberty, tolerance and equality of all citizens before the law prevail.” ― Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Quotes About Freedom