Albanian Names For Baby Boy And Meanings

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Unique Albanian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Arian — Greek – Braver; Albanian – Golden Life; A variant of name is Arion

Bashkim — Unity or alliance

Besart — Golden oath

Besnik — Traditional Albanian name, meaning “faithful” or “loyal”

Edvin — One who is friend for riches

Endrit — to shine or have light.

Erion — the wind from Ion sea.

Erminus — an Albanian word meaning wind from the Ion seas.

Fatmir — A Boy of great luck

Finuala — A person who has fair shoulders

Kostandin — The name means Steadfast

Liridon — One who is of free will

Minaz — A desire for something, one who wish

Mirash — A desert, or a deserted land or place

Savaric — The powerful old or aged ruler

Surroje — A place name. One who is from an Albanian village Surroj

Albanian Names For Baby Boy And Meanings