African Names For Baby Girls And Their Meanings

Old-Fashioned Old People Names That Are Making Major Comeback

List of African Name For Baby Girls: African baby names are often traditional and have unique stories behind them. Africans are known to factor in every circumstances surrounding a child’s birth when giving the new born a name. Here’s a comprehensive compilation of name from Africa for new born baby.

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With A

Aba — African Akan – Girl born on Thursday; Abah, Abba and Abbah are variant spellings of the name Aba

Abana — This Biblical name means strong personality made with a stone

Abeba — African Amharic – Flower; Abeada and Abyda are variant transcriptions of the name

Abena — African Akan – Girl born on Tuesday; Abana, Abeena and Abeenah are variant spellings of the name Abena

Abeni — African Yoruban – We asked for her, now she is ours; Someone who is prayed for; A variant of name Abena

Abiba — African – The first child born after death of grandmother; Abeaba and Abeabah are the variant spellings of Abiba

Abiona — One who is born during a journey

Abla — African Akan – Girl born on Tuesday; Has an Arabic meaning as voluptuous

Abraha — A girl who born on Tuesday

Absco — One with an inventive mind.

Abuya — One who was born when the garden was overgrown.

Achebe — One who is protected by the Goddess

Achieng — One born during the day time.

Adabelle — In Hebrew it means adornment. In German it means noble. In African it means oldest daughter.

Adaeh — Crowned, or chosen, or pinnacle of a peak

Adamma — African – Child of Beauty; Beautiful Girl

Adana — African – Being the father’s daughter; A variant of name Adanna

Adanna — Father’s daughter, given to the elder sister of a girl

Adanne — African – Being the mother’s daughter; A child who resembles her mother; A variant of name Adane

Addiah — In Hebrew it means ornament of God. In Swahili it means Gift from God

Adebola — African – Honor is brought to her; She met honor

Adenike — The Crown is Loving; Affectionate; Crown has care; Wealth has Care; Crown is cherished

Adeola — Crown has wealth; Crown has honor

Adhiambo — African – daughter who is born after sunset

Adhra — African – Apology; Virgin

Adila — Arabic – Equal; Just; Upright; Honest; A variant of name Adil

Adilah — Equal

Adita — One who belongs to the Sun

Adjoa — African – Born on a Monday; A daughter who is born on Monday

Adongo — The second of twins.

Adwin — An artist, creative person

Adwoa — One born on a Monday.

Affrica — From Africa

Afi — African – A child who is born on Friday; A daughter who is born on Friday; A variant form is Afia

Afia — African – A child who is born on Friday; A daughter who is born on Friday; A variant form is Afi

Afiya — African – Swahili – Health; A variant spelling is Afya

Afra — White

Afua — African – A child who is born on Friday; A daughter who is born on Friday; A variant form is Afia

Ahanti — warlike in the Twi language.

Ahnika — Ruler of the House, Beautiful Ornament

Aiysha — Powerful and complete

Akello — Baby girl born after twins.

Akeyo — One who was born during the harvest.

Akia — African – First Born; Also a variant form of name Kia which means difficult and in Greek it means pure

Akinyi — African – Born in the morning; Born during forenoon

Akosua — African – Twi – Girl Child Born on Sunday

Akua — African – A child who is born on Thursday

Akuba — One who is born on Wednesday

Aluna — Kenyan term, literally meaning come here.

Aluoch — One who was born during an overcast morning.

Ama — African – Child born On Saturday; Old Norse – Eagle

Amahle — The beautiful ones, The prettiest, The finest

Amandla — African – A powerful Woman; Brave and Strong Woman

Amarachukwu — African Igbo – God’s Grace; Mercy of God; God’s Favor; Divine Grace

Amare — A person sent by God to love who is extremely handsome

Amari — An strong and eternally lovely being who are family oriented

Amne — African – Swahili – Safe; Secure

Amogelang — Accept, Receive

Amondi — African – Born at Dawn

Amurta — Beautiful; ambrosia, a veritable drink which gives immortality

Anana — The fourth child who is blessed with soft and gentle personality

Angweng — One who was born during the time of white ants.

Anika — Graceful young girl

Anyango — One who was born during mid day.

Aoko — An evergreen blue tree; one who is outside

Aparaa — The one who is unique, materialistic and matchless

Aphra — It means a house made of dust

Apiyo — First of the twins.

Armani — Faith; Persian – Desire; A variant form of name Arman

Arogo — One who nagged a lot during pregnancy.

Asabi — African – Yoruban – One of Select Birth

Asha — Hope

Ashaki — One who is beautiful

Ashanti — Name of an African Tribe

Asis — Blessing; African – Of the sun; A variant spelling is Asiss

Athiambo — African – Born in Late Evening

Atieno — One who was born at night.

Audi — The last daughter

Avongara — African – To Tie

Awino — One who was born with the cord around.

Awo — Girl who is born on Thursday

Ayah — A sparkling and twinkling human being

Ayana — A pretty and scented flower

Ayanna — A unique flower which is forever blooming

Ayira — African – Chosen; Worthy of Respect; Exalted; Revered; A variant form of Augustus

Ayoka — African Yoruban – One who Causes Joy all round; A variant of Ayo

Azana — Call to prayer; inspires everyone

Aziza — One who is very precious

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With B

Babetta — Foreign woman.

Badriya — One who is like the full Moon

Baina — One who is glittering with radiance

Bandele — Born Away From Home

Banji — Second Born of Twins

Barongo — The younger of twin.

Bashira — Joyful; Predictor of Good News

Becca — African Bobangi – To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca; A variant of Becky

Becka — African Bobangi – To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca; A variant of Becky

Becky — African Bobangi – To forecast; Predict; Borrow; Bound; Derived from Rebecca;

Behati — Afrikaans form of Beata, Blessing

Beheshta — Paradise

Beka — One who predicts

Bikita — Anteater

Binah — Dancer; one who lives in the moment and is understanding

Binta — With God

Bisa — Greatly Loved

Bishara — Good tidings.

Braima — Father of a large number of children

Bunme — A gift that is mine

Bunmi — To be my gift

Busara — African-Swahili – Wisdom; Prudence; Sense; Foresight

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With C

Camara — She is a teacher

Chalondra — A Lark; they are smart individuals

Charminique — A female child born out of love

Chausiku — One who was born at night.

Cheche — A small thing

Chibueze — Where God is the King

Chibuzo — God is leading the way

Chidhatma — The real God

Chidubem — The one repaired by the Almighty

Chiedozie — Planned by God

Chikelu — Created by God

Chikere — God has created

Chinelo — Thought of God

Chineye — God lives

Chinue — God’s blessing

Chipo — A gift

Chuki — Born in a time of strike and hatred.

Cleotha — A woman who is a creative artist and everyone else is inspired by her

Cyrah — Lord-like figure

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With D

Dabiku — Offering

Daisha — The one who is alive

Dalila — A desired individual

Dalilah — Languish; weak

Dalma — Made of metal

Dayo — Arrival of joy

Debelah — A friendly and charming person

Deka — A mesenger sent from heaven; a pleasing personality

Delu — The one and only beautiful girl

Dembe — A peace loving individual

Dhakiya — She who is smart.

Diata — One who is as brave as a Lion

Dikeledi — One who is filled with lot of tears

Dubaku — Eleventh Born Child; very fortunate

Ducha — Small or humble.

Dumi — One who inspires others; they are powerful

Dumisani — Give praise; a honorable and well praised

Duni — Small

Durah — Pearl

Durra — A variant of Durah, meaning pearl.

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With E

Ebele — It means mercy or kindness.

Eega — palm bird who loves to fly

Efia — Born on friday

Efuru — Daughter of heaven; they are blessed

Eidi — Festival or feast day.

Ekene — The one who recieves a lot of praise

Ekua — The one converting pain to happiness

Ekundayo — The one who turns sorrows to joys

Ellema — An efficient person who milks the Cow

Emene — Don’t do harm; Do not hurt

Enzokuhle — Expected to do great things, Do good

Eshe — it means immortal.

Esiankiki — Young maiden

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With F

Fabunni — African name meaning “This was given to me by God”

Fadhila — A woman who is abundant

Fadiya — African Swahili – Redeemer; One who redeems

Fahari — A girl who is very smart

Faika — African Swahili – Superior; Better

Faizah — A victorious girl

Falala — She who is born into abundance

Fana — Wealth; Honour; One who provides light; Shining; A variant transcription is Faina

Fanaka — Prosperity or success

Fara — Level Measure; Beautiful; Lovely; Pleasant; Good Looking; Joyful; Reason for rejoicing

Faraja — Comfort, relief or rest.

Farashuu — Kenyan word for butterfly

Fayola — An African name meaning “Good fortune walks with honor”

Feechi — A god worshipping woman

Finnley — A fair (haired) warrior

Firyali — Unusual or extraordinary

Fisseha — Blissfulness and mirthful joy

Floarea — Romanic word for a blooming flower

Flodwig — A Dithematic name (linking two elements, mainly parent names)

Fola — Glory and Prestige; the one who is honorable

Folami — Honor and respect me; is the one who spreads warmth and sparkle

Fumnaya — The person who wanted to love by someone.

Furaha — Refers to blissful or contented.

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With G

Gakeri — A small muscle. A variant of Gakere.

Gamada — The one who is cheerful and happy.

Gasira — One who is brave.

Gathoni — She is an in law.

Gavivi — The one who loves money of wealth.

Gawahir — Variant form of Jawahir (precious stones or jewels)

Genet — Refers to the very first garden Eden which was created by the God Almighty.

Ghalyela — A person who is very valuable

Ghana — A name of the country in Africa

Ghanima — A person who has a great fortune

Gheche — Small

Gzifa — The peaceful one, calm and patient.

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With H

Habiba — Beloved, darling, sweetheart

Habika — Sweetheart, darling, beloved

Hadaya — Gift; Present; A variant of Hadiya

Hagos — Joy, happiness, pleasure

Haiba — Attractive, Charm, Attraction

Halima — Halima is Patient, Tolerant; Gentle; Mild mannered; Generous

Hamisi — One who was born on a Thursday.

Hanuni — Happy and cheerful

Hanzila — Road, street, Path, trail

Haracha — Frog (A creature of God)

Haseena — Beautiful. Pretty

Hashiki — Passion

Hawla — One who is graceful like an antelope.

Hazina — Treasure

Hiari — Free will

Hidi — Root, origin

Hija — Daughter

Hinaa — Henna; Myrtle

Hinna — Henna; A natural dying color

Hiwot — Eastern African – Amharic name meaning life

Hoor — A Celestical; Virgin of Paradise; Nymph; A Virgin Maiden of Paradise for Its Dwellers

Hoyam — Passionate Love

Huso — Sadness of the bride.

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With I

Imani — Variation of Iman which means faith

Indusa — Desire for a system.

Ingumba — One who is easy going.

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With J

Jahia — One widely known

Jahmelia — A beautiful african woman

Jahzara — A blessed princess

Jala — Large fish from fresh water

Jalah — A small leafed wild indigo

Jamala — One who is well mannered

Jameelah — A chaste woman

Jameila — She who is beautiful

Jamelia — Somali name meaning beautiful

Jamelle — One of great beauty

Jamilia — She who is chaste

Japera — One who offers thanks

Jariah — A tributary Lord

Jela — The father who faced many difficulties during the birth of his child.

Jelani — One who is mighty, strong

Jendayi — Thankful; To give thanks;

Jenue — The person from the city of Jenue, Nigeria.

Jetta — Encircled; Surrounded; Jetta is Diminutive Form Of Henrietta Or Marietta

Jettie — Surrounded by things or people

Jioni — it means evening. They are determined towards their aim and have dynamic nature. Such people always seem confuse and develop jealousy with time.

Jira — such people are bit sporty and love to play games. They have good sense of homour and often get fame in life.

Johari — Something of value,jewel,something precious which is adored

Jonbenet — such people love to spend time with their friends and have the jolly side. The name is very pleasant which means blossom and exotic personality.

Joos — they have a funny side and are involved in many activities. They help to bring people together and have spark in their personality.

Jozua — they have a funny side and are involved in many activities. They help to bring people together and have spark in their personality.

Juji — people with this name are intense and know how to live their lives. they have a unique and attractive personality.

Julene — the word means youth. These people prove to be very lucky and natural in their attitude. They do not bear fake personalities.

Julisha — they have a ignite in their personality and spread laughter. Friends enjoy their company and they value physical apperance.

Jumapili — Kenyan term, literally meaning Sunday.

Jumapili — One who was born on Sunday.

Jumoke — Jumoke means Everybody Loves the Child

Juza — The meaning of the name Juza is Notify

Jwahir — Jwahir means The Golden Woman

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With K

Kabibe — Kabibe means Little Lady

Kabili — Name Kabili means Honest, Brave

Kacela — Kacela means the Great Huntress

Kaikara — Kaikara means Traditional Name of God

Kainda — Kainda means The Hunter’s Daughter

Kalei — The name Kalei means The One who works for the Kinf

Kalere — Kalere means Small Woman

Kamaria — The name means Bright like the Moon

Kande — Kande name means The Firstborn Female Child

Kanika — The name Kanika means Seed, Peace of Gold

Kaniqua — Kaniqua means Black Dress

Kanoni — The name means Little Bird

Karasi — Krasi means Life and Wisdom

Karimah — Karimah name means is Big-Hearted, Generous

Kataleya — Pure

Katlego — The name means Success

Kaula — Kaula means Woman Prophet

Kaweria — The loving one.

Kaya — Native American – Little but wise; African – Home; Japanese Yew

Kayin — Kayin means The Child that has been Long Awaited

Kecia — Kecia means Great, Big Joy

Keeya — The name means the Flower of the Garden

Kehinde — Came second or the second born child.

Keisha — Keisha name means She is a Favorite

Keishla — Keishla name means Her Life

Keita — Keita means Blessing in African and The Child was a Huge Gift

Kelenna — Kelenna means Town of Keels

Kenda — Kenda means Child of Clear,Cool Water

Kendi — Kendi means The one who is Loved and Cherised

Kendy — Kendy mens The One who is Loved a Lot

Kenia — Kenia means Greates. Also a Country in Africa

Kenya — Kenya means Mauntain of Whiteness

Kerubo — Born on the plain.

Kesin — The name means Earth-Bound

Kessie — The name means Lion

Kesslee — Kessie means Chubby Baby

Kia — Kia means Season is Beggining

Kianga — Kianga means The Beams of The SUn

Kiden — Kiden means A Girl born after 3 Boys

Kiho — Kiho means Fog

Kijana — Kijana means Youth

Kimani — Kimani means One who is Beautiful and Sweet

Kimmie — Kimmie means Rock with Diamonds

Kimonia — Means Great Woman

Kimya — Kimya means Silent

Kinfe — Kinfe means Wings

Kione — Kione name means He came from Nowhere

Kioni — The one who sees and finds things.

Kirabo — Kirabo means The One who is a Gift of the God

Kissa — Kissa means Sister of Twins

Kitoko — Kitoko means Holder of the Beauty

Kizzy — The meaning of the name refers to Yellow Flower, Cassia

Kubwa — Kubwa means Large

Kumani — Kumani means Destiny

Kunto — Th name means Third Born Child

Kuron — The name means Giving Thanks

Kwamboka — One who was born while crossing a river.

Kya — Kya means Diamond in the Sky

Kymbre — The name means Diamon bearing Rock

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With L

Laqueta — A woman who is silent, quiet and calm

Lateefah — Pleasant and kind person of tender character

Ledisi — To bring forth, to come closer

Leeda — African word meaning to bring

Lehana — A person who rejects

Lesedi — A ray of light, a beam of light

Lethabo — Happiness, Rejoice

Lewa — Beautiful person

Lindiwe — A person who has waited a long time, patient person

Lissa — African mythology name, supreme mother goddess

Loba — Sharing a conversation, talking

Loloo — Name given for pearls or gems found in an ocean

Lolovivi — Love is always there

Loveie — A lovely and happy soft hearted individual

Lu lu — A woman whose beauty is compared to a Pearl

Lulana — Shining Moon or a Guiding Star

Luthando — African name meaning Love and Adoration

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With M

Machupa — One who likes to drink.

Madana — A person who heals people

Maha — Gazelle; Beautiful Eyes; Splendid; Beloved to Amun

Mahari — One who is forgiving

Maizah — One who has good judgement

Makana — A girl who is a gift to the world

Malaika — An Angel of heaven

Mandere — Beautiful beads

Mandisa — Egyptian name describing something sweet

Manica — A place name, town in Mozambique

Mansa — Third Born Girl; King of Kings; Emperor;

Mardea — The last one

Mariatu — African – One who is pure; Innocent

Marini — African – Fresh; Healthy; Pretty; Charming

Marjani — A coral

Marjean — African – Coral, Gracious; A variant of Marjian

Marka — A steady rain

Masara — A magical woman

Masego — A blessing

Mashaka — One who brings trouble

Mbali — A Zulu name meaning flower

Meleni — Brazilian word for Melon.

Melokuhle — Stand for what is right, One who represents good things

Meria — The harsh taste of the Ocean.

Meron — The woman who serves the Army.

Mesi — A smoke, emit a cloud of fiine particles.

Messina — Being neither at the begining nor at the end in a series.

Mhina — The person who is greatly pleasing or entertaining.

Miah — The much dearest person.

Mikaili — The one who is likely to the God’s messenger.

Mikenna — An African name that means who brings the Joy.

Milandu — An answer to the prayers

Miniya — A girl who is believed to do extra-ordinary things.

Mirembe — Peace or a peaceful nature. The peaceful world

Miyanda — The ancestors, the beginning, the roots

Modupe — I am Grateful; Gratefulness; I give thanks to God

Monifa — African Yoruban – I Am Lucky

Montsho — A black colored person

Morathi — An intelligent or a wise man

Mugure — Kenyan term, meaning already purchased.

Mukondi — A dancer

Mumbi — Creator or mother of the people.

Murigo — This is a load.

Muthoni — The shy one.

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With N

Mwassaa — Kenyan term, meaning everywhere.

Naaila — the person with the record of victories.

Naataanii — A poetess who writes the praise of the prophet

Nafula — One who was born during the rainy season.

Nafuna — The one who is carried his feet first.

Nailah — The accomplisher or the achiever

Naiser — One who is a founder of belief

Naja — A person indifferent to pleasure and pain

Nakato — The twins or doubles whom were born as the second in the family.

Nakeisha — The lifetime of woman or girl or lady or damsel.

Naki — The girl who was born first in the family or eldest daughter.

Nakimera — The talent or present of skills from God.

Nala — Lioness or Lots of Water

Nalo — The most lovable person

Nalorie — Lovable goddess of earth

Naserian — The lucky one. A fateful person

Nasha — In Nigerian it means born during the rainy season. In Persian it means Judge

Nataki — One who took birth as a royal

Nathaara — Tiny pieces scattered all over

Nathifa — Clean, wholesome, unpolluted.

Natine — The person who belongs to the Natine ethnic group.

Natoya — Dance, or the one who can dance

Nduta — Teach me

Neela — Bluish shaded color.

Neema — The one who was born in richness.

Neliah — The gift or present from the town

Neo — The talented one or skilled one.

Netta — Gate, shrubberies, trees, wilds, planting.

Ngendo — A traveler

Ngina — One who serves

Ngozi — Dedication, benediction, dedication, consecration.

Niana — Name of an African city in Mali

Nichelle — The great champion among the women.

Nimeesha — The dearest angel of the God

Nisar — One who is passive and diplomatic.

Njeri — Daughter of a warrior.

Njoki — She who returned.

Nkechi — The precious treasure from God.

Nkechinyere — God’s pleasure which came to this world.

Nkiru — Once more God will provide the excellent gift.

Nkiruka — God will give me something ever best once again.

Nnenia — The one who looks same as her grand mother.

Nnenna — The one who is fond of her dad’s mum.

Noma — Cultivator or farmer or sample or model.

Nomalanga — Brilliant or sunshine light.

Nomasonto — Who was delivered or received on Sunday.

Nombeko — Regard, respect, admiration.

Nomuula — Who is like unto Yahweh (Unchanging God)

Nontle — The ruler of the deep sea.

Noxolo — One who is passive and diplomatic.

Nsombi — Full of happiness or complete gladness.

Nuru — Light

Nuzhah — Desirable trip or expedition spot.

Nya — A friend, a companion

Nyaguthii — A traveler

Nyah — Means the replica or form of a sweet called “Modak” offered to a Hindu deity Ganesha.

Nyakio — A Spanish variant of Mother or womb.

Nyala — Spanish version of Modest that means not boasting about one self.

Nyambura — Born of the rain.

Nyanjera — Born on the way.

Nyarai — French version of the word modest means not praising self.

Nyasha — Italian and Portuguese version of modest that means not bragging one’s achievement.

Nyathera — The quality of being modest. A moderate of reserve behaviour.

Nyawira — One who is hard working.

Nyeki — A new growth of the plant, a recently grown plant.

Nyla — The one who is humble and meek.

Nyoka — A person who infatuates others. To whom others been attracted.

Nyokabi — Of the Maasai people.

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With O

Obioma — The Charm of a King that wins over the hearts of others, One who can win with his charm.

Ode — The final or the end of salvation, where the person get relieved of all his duties.

Okal — English short form of a Greek “Nicodemus” that means victory of the people.

Okapi — It’s a Latin word that means a horn. Also an ancient greek word that means pity or mercy.

Okoth — Talkative person. Sometimes used to refer a crow.

Olajuwan — The exaltation of the triumph.

Oluchi — The work of god.

Olufemi — The creator loves us, The precious people of God.

Olufunke — The one who was gifted from high most place to be loved.

Oluyomi — Delivered or sent by God

Omolara — The loving child of the family.

Omphile — Gift from God, God gave

Onaedo — The precious and great child.

Oni — The God has preferred me.

Onnie — The child who was born in the divine place.

Ontibile — The one who is sheltered by most high God.

Onyeka — nobody is superior than God

Onyekachi — No-one is grander than God

Oratilwe — The dearest and darling one.

Orma — Noni means the ninth received child in the family.

Osa — The one who is closer to God, the goddess.

Osith — One who looks after the people and kingdom

Otieno — A person who is born at night

Oya — The one who tore; a Goddess of under river

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With P

Paka — A name given to a cat; intelligent; quick minded

Palesa — A beautiful and majestic flower

Pamojan — Togetherness

Panya — One who is crowned in victory

Panyin — A name given to the older twin

Peeta — African – Fourth Born Daughter; A variation of name is Pita

Pemba — African – Force of present existence

Penda — African – Admired; Loved; Beloved; A variant of Penha

Penha — African – Admired; Loved; Beloved; A variant of Penda

Phenyo — One who always wins and is victorious

Phomello — One who is born to succeed; mature individual

Pretoria — A place name, the city in South Africa

Pulika — A girl who behaves well and is obedient

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With R

Rafiki — A friend

Ramla — A female prophet

Rashida — The righteous one

Raziya — A delighted and satisfied woman

Rethabile — We are happy, Happy

Rhaxma — A very sweet girl

Roep — A call of cry

Russom — One who is a leader, a head of the charge

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With S

Saada — A helpful person

Sadaka — Swahili name meaning “A spiritual offering”

Safara — An African name meaning fire

Safari — A journey, an expedition

Saidah — One who has great luck

Saidi — The auspicious one

Sala — A woman who is gentle by nature

Salama — Safety and security

Salihah — She who is just and prious

Samiya — A sublime, high person

Sanaa — Radiance; luminosity refelcted by something, shine above the others

Sanura — A kitten

Sarafina — A bright star

Sarda — American invented name

Sekai — One who is funny

Semira — She who is from heaven

Serwa — A noblewoman.

Shakini — She is the most beautiful one

Shange — A name of the African clan

Shanti — Peace

Sharik — A child of God for whom the shine rises

Simisola — A man who rests in wealth

Sisi — She who is born on a Sunday

Sitembileq — To have trust

Siyanda — Zulu name meaning “we are growing together”

Subira — One who has a lot of patience

Sumana — A good-natured woman

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With T

Tabia — Polite behavior and talented

Tafadzwa — In shona it means we are pleased

Tahira — Pure, clean

Taiwo — The first of the twin to see the world

Takiyah — Pious, righteous

Tale — The color of green

Taleisha — Blooming life

Tamala — She who is like a thunderbolt

Tamasha — A happy, joyous occasion to meet

Tanesha — Born on monday

Tanisha — Born on monday

Tannie — A girl born on Monday

Tapiwa — She who is given as a gift

Taraji — Swahili name meaning hope

Tarana — She who is born during the day

Tarisai — A woman who is nice to look at

Tatenda — Southern African name meaning thank you

Tawanda — A slender, young tree

Tawia — She who is born after twins

Tazara — One who is elegant and graceful

Temwa — Love and happiness

Tendai — One who is thankful to God

Tene — African name meaning love

Tenesha — Girl born on a Monday

Terehasa — One who is blessed

Tererai — One who listens

Teshi — One who is ful of laughter

Thandeka — The loved one

Thandi — One who loves deeply

Thandie — The loving one

Thandolwethu — Our love

Thema — The queen

Thembeka — A person who is reliable

Tiaret — She who is like a lioness

Timberly — A rock or gem from the lands on timber

Tinashe — God is always with us, belief in god

Tinecia — God is with us

Tiombe — A person who is shy

Tisa — A desirable person, cypress tree

Titilayo — One who is joyful for ever, ever happy

Tiwa — One who owns the crown or kingship

Tokunbo — One who is from across the seas

Tomika — A rich or a wealthy person

Toure — One who belongs to Soussou, Africa

Tumelo — Complete confidence in a person or plan.

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With V

Vatusia — Kenyan term meaning they will leave us behind.

Visola — Longings are waterfalls

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With W

Waceera — The wanderer

Wairimu — One of the nine founders of Agikuyu.

Waitherero — The better one.

Wakiuru — One of the nine founders of Agikuyu.

Walta — Shield

Wambui — The singer of songs.

Wamuhu — Born of ashes

Wamuiru — A dark skinned beauty.

Wamweru — One who is light skinned.

Wangai — Born of God.

Wangari — A leopard

Wangera — A traveler

Wangu — The one who gathers the firewood.

Wanja — The one from without.

Wanjeri — Born of Njeri.

Wanjiku — One of the nine founders of Agikuyu.

Wanjiru — One of the nine founders of Agikuyu.

Winda — Chasing for food.

Winta — Desire

Wokabi — She is of the Maasai.

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With X

Xinavane — Spread or propagate

Xolani — Kenyan term meaning be at peace.

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With Y

Yakini — African – An honest Woman; Truthful Lady;

African Names For Baby Girls And Meanings Starting With Z

Zahra — Shining or flower

Zaila — Beautiful; Good Looking; Charming;

Zala — Shine and brightness

Zalika — One who is well born.

Zawadi — Gift

Zella — Shadow

Zina — A welcoming and hospitable woman.

Zola — Earth or Ball of Earth

Zora — Dawn

Zuri — Good or Beautiful

Zuwena — Good

African Names For Baby Girls And Their Meanings