African Names For Baby Boys With Meanings

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African Baby Boy Names And their Meanings: Africa has various beliefs and cultures. And their names usually link to their origin, tradition or culture. Africans believe there is some prominent force in everything and the name plays a role in having a positive impact on the person.

While naming the baby, parents take into consideration factors such as the day or time of the baby’s birth, and other situations influencing the birth. African baby boy names sound exotic with a beautiful meaning. So, when it comes to naming your little boy, you might choose the most relevant name that is unique and distinctive. Here is a list of such unique African baby boy names and their meanings.

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With A

Aasir — One with a captivating and fascinating personality.

Abbo — A Condiment (Mudama Origin)

Abdalah — the Servant of god

Abdalala — the Slave of the High

Abdalalim — the Servant of the All-knowing

Abdalla — Servant Of God; Servant of Allah

Abdi — Originated from Hebrew origin and means servant of god or a slave

Abdou — Great ability to focus on each work; variant of name Abdo

Abdu — Worshipper of God

Abdul muiz — The name is originated as African name that means servant of giver of glory and almighty.

Abdulkareem — Generous; One who Serves a Generous Man; Servant of Allah

Abdulkhaaliq — Servant of the Creator

Abdullateef — One who Serves a Kind Man; Servant of the Subtle

Abdulmateen — Servant of the Firm; Strong

Abdulraheem — Servant of the Most Compassionate

Abdulrahmaan — Servant of the Mercifully Gracious

Abdulraouf — Servant of the Most Merciful

Abdulrazaaq — Servant of the Maintainer; Provider

Abdulsaboor — Servant of the Patient

Abdultawaab — Servant of the Forgiver

Abdulwaahid — Servant of the One

Abdulwahaab — Servant of the Giver

Abedi — Worshipper

Abeer — Variant of Abir; Fragrance

Abiola — (African – Yoruban) Born in Honor; Born during the first days

Abioye — The son of royalty; A Variant of Abiola

Absko — Power and strength

Abuchi — A Nobel God or the nobility of a God

Abulmughayyis — The father of one who saves others

Achebe — One who is protected by the Goddess

Addo — Happy; Ornament; King of the path (African)

Ade — African – Crown, Royal, Peak ; Hebrew – Man

Adeben — 12th Born Child – African Akan

Adebowale — Return of the crown; refers to a child born after many years of waiting

Ademola — Crown is Added to My Wealth

Adetokunbo — A Nigerian name of Yoruba decent. Ade means ‘crown

Adiel — Hebrew – ornament of God; Arabic – Being Just, Honest, A variant of name Adil

Adisa — Clear Spoken Person – African

Adom — Help from Go; (Akan Origin)

Adric — one who is a blessed ruler

Adwin — An artist, creative person

Afe — A Boy who is born on Friday

Afolabi — Child of high status; Born rich and with luxury

Afram — A River In Ghana, Africa

Africa — Pleasant in Gaelic Origin; It also represents Sun (without cold)

Agu — African -Leopard; One who has Agility and Strength of Leopard

Ahanti — warlike in the Twi language.

Ajahni — African :One who fights for possession; Sanskrit: Noble Birth; A variant of name Ajani

Ajaka — An Oyo emperor who was twice on the throne His father was Oranyan

Ajala — African meaning: Believer of Allah. Sanskrit meaning: Eternal.

Ajani — African : One who fights for possession; Sanskrit: Noble Birth; A variant of name Ajahni

Akachi — Ibgo African: The hand of God

Akhyar — Good Excellence

Akuchi — Ibgo African: Wealth from God

Akuji — African – Dead And Awake

Alake — African – One To Be Honored

Alem — ne who knows everything

Amadi — Name of Prophet Muhammad; a happy free man who is destined to die at birth

Amara — Immortal Being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or Bitter

Amare — A person sent by God to love who is extremely handsome

Amari — An strong and eternally lovely being who are family oriented

Amma — Mother; God-like

Anane — African – Fourth Son;

Andwele — African – God Brought Me

Asante — Thank You; one who cam experience good things

Ato — Ghanaian – Who Born on Saturday

Atu — Ghanian name for a Boy born on Saturday

Auni — African Swahili – Help; Assist

Ayan — Arabic – Time, Era; Sanskrit – Halting, Name of Lord Ganesh; Urudu – God’s Gift; Persian – Inspiration

Ayanda — One who is always increasing

Ayzize — African – Let it Come

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With B

Bakari — A promising and lovely human being

Bandile — They have multiplied and prospered

Barack — Blessed

Baraka — Blessings, Abundance

Barasa — Kenyan term meaning meeting site.

Barke — Blessings; occupational name for tanner of leather

Bash — Forerunner, strike hard and violently

Bast — Egyptian – Fire, Heat; As per their myth a goddess of fertility and the sun who was considered a protector of Lower Egypt

Bayo — to find joy

Belay — One who is above everyone; Superior

Bello — Helper

Bem — African Tiv – Peace; A variant of the name Behm

Berko — Son first born

Biko — He who is a son of a God

Biton — Born After Long Wait

Bobo — African – Born on Tuesday

Bokamoso — Future

Bomani — African Swahili – Great Warrior

Buru — A man who is like a bull

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With C

Camar — He who is a teacher

Camarsa — One who is born to teach; a born teacher or preacher

Carrizoa — A swamp or a wetland of life

Cayman — He who is like an alligator

Chacha — A strong man

Chaga — A Goat; the one having a dominant personality

Cheche — A small thing

Chege — A Kikuyu people of Kenya

Chi — The one who looks like God

Chiamaka — A guardian spirit

Chiazam — Answer sent from God

Chibueze — Where God is the King

Chibuzo — God is leading the way

Chidhatma — The real God

Chidi — Strongest God

Chidike — The one guided by the God

Chidubem — The one repaired by the Almighty

Chiedozie — Planned by God

Chike — A talented individual

Chikelu — Created by God

Chikere — God has created

Chikodi — It is in the hands of God; It is upto God

Chilemba — Turban

Chima — God knows everything

Chimalsi — A proud man

Chimelu — God has created them

Chitundu — Bird nest

Chiumbo — Little

Clevon — One who hails from the cliff; One who lives in the cliff

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With D

Dabir — A brilliant teacher

Dada — One with curly hair

Dakarai — One providing happiness

Dakari — Filled with joy

Daktari — A healer

Damisi — Cheerful personality

Daquan — A combination name; hope

Darweshi — Holy

Davion — A potential and powerful being

Davu — Starting of a new age

Dawit — One who has a lovely heart

Dayo — Arrival of joy

Deandre — A helmet; strong individual

Deion — An all amazing God; perfect

Demarco — A demanding person; one who is of the mark

Dembe — A peace loving individual

Demond — The one who is born out of a man

Denzel — The wild one who is very gentle

Deogracia — A God; a child of destiny

Deon — A mighty and all-powerful God

Deontay — One who belongs to Zeus

Deonte — A traveller who has a outstanding personality

Diallo — A strong and bold person

Diello — A bold an powerful person

Dion — One who came from Zeus

Dubaku — Eleventh Born Child; very fortunate

Dubem — The Lord is my shepherd

Duka — All; free detailed and determined person

Dume — Resembling a bull; one who is very strong and confident

Dumi — One who inspires others; they are powerful

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With E

Ebele — It means mercy or kindness.

Eega — palm bird who loves to fly

Ekene — The one who recieves a lot of praise

Ekundayo — The one who turns sorrows to joys

Elon — God loves the individual

Emene — Don’t do harm; Do not hurt

Enam — god’s gift.

Enzokuhle — Expected to do great things, Do good

Essien — a name used for a sixth born child.

Etemaad — faith or trust in African.

Eze — A person who is a King

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With F

Fadhili — Aid, favor, compassion, and kindness.

Fahmeeb — One who understands

Farhani — A delightful feeling of joy

Fariji — He brings comfort

Fehed — Lynx; Panther; From Kikuyu

Femi — One who loves

Feruzi — Turquoise

Feye — The beginning

Firash — Perceptiveness, Ingenuity

Firhun — The name of a leader who was protested for West African independence.

Folami — Honor and respect me; is the one who spreads warmth and sparkle

Fynn — African – River Ofinn; Old Norse – Finn; Celtic – White, Fair; A variant of name Finn

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With G

Gacoki — He returns.

Gakere — Small muscle, muscular.

Gakuru — Elderly one.

Gamba — Tortoise which lives in the water places.

Gatete — Kenyan form for milk gourd.

Gathee — Elderly one.

Gathii — Traveler, wanderer

Gatimu — A spear

Gazali — Someone who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension.

Genet — Refers to the very first garden Eden which was created by the God Almighty.

Geteye — My master

Ghadhanfar — The ruler or the king of Jungle, lion.

Ghana — A name of the country in Africa

Ghanapriya — A nem that originates from the country Ghana

Gichinga — A firebrand

Gicicio — Mirror

Gikuyu — Founder of the Agikuyu nation.

Gimbya — Gimbya is a female name and means Princess.

Githinji — A butcher

Gitonga — Wealthy one.

Gogana — It is one of the variations of the name Godana and means male child

Goredenna — Black cloud

Gother — Friendly, The one who loves to do friendship and warmly welcome all the good things in life.

Guban — Guban will be thoughtful, attractive, successful, smart and helpful.

Gucauno — Guncauno starts in Native American dialects and signifies \”one who falls like a bird\”

Gulussa — God of the Sky or Ruler of the Sky.

Gure — Left Handed, The one who will be like guru and will assisst and follow up.

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With H

Haadhir — Present; Attending; A variant of Hadhir

Haba — African – One who is Charming; Favourite; A variant of Haiba

Haider — The King of Jungle, Lion

Haile — African – Power; Old English – Nook, Retreat; A variant of Hale

Hajari — Uesd in Africa,The one who takes flight

Halif — Ally; Confederate; One who Takes an Oath

Harbel — A town name in Margibi County, Liberia

Harif — Pungent; Hot

Harith — The lion which digs the earth

Harmalah — An african plant

Haruni — Messenger-ship; Mountaineer; A variant of Haruny

Hasani — Handsome and amazing individual

Hekima — Knowledgeable, clever

Himayat — Help; Protection; Guardianship; Support

Huba — Love; Friendship;

Hubaab — Aim; Friendship; Bubble of Water

Hubab — Aim; Friendship

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With I

Ife — Love, someone who is born with an innate desire to love and be loved.

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With J

Jaali — Powerful

Jabali — A man who is strong as a rock

Jabilo — A man of medicine

Jabulani — He who rejoices

Jaheem — One who was raised up to be dignified

Jaheim — African Swahili – Raised Up; Dignified; Variants of Jaheim include Jaheem and Jahiem

Jahi — African Swahili – Dignity

Jahiem — African Swahili – Raised Up; Dignified; Variant of Jaheim

Jahir — African Swahili – Dignity; One who has dignity

Jaja — Highly honored person

Jali — One who is powerful

Jawara — One who loves peace

Jela — The father who faced many difficulties during the birth of his child.

Jelaluddin — The splendour of the trust.

Jelani — One who is mighty, strong

Jengo — The person who has reddish skin color.

Jenue — The person from the city of Jenue, Nigeria.

Jettie — Surrounded by things or people

Jimiyu — Born during summer.

Jioni — it means evening. They are determined towards their aim and have dynamic nature. Such people always seem confuse and develop jealousy with time.

Jira — such people are bit sporty and love to play games. They have good sense of homour and often get fame in life.

Jomo — people with this name are jolly and posses the life long passion for their aims. They have a funside and love laughing.

Jonbenet — such people love to spend time with their friends and have the jolly side. The name is very pleasant which means blossom and exotic personality.

Juji — people with this name are intense and know how to live their lives. they have a unique and attractive personality.

Juma — Juma name means Friday Born

Jumah — Jumah name means Born on Friday

Jumoke — Jumoke means Everybody Loves the Child

Junior — The Young, Child; Derived from the word iunior meaning younger

Juwan — The name Juwan means God is Just

Juwaun — Juwaun means God is Gracious

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With K

Kabili — Name Kabili means Honest, Brave

Kafu — Kafu means Quiet

Kaikara — Kaikara means Traditional Name of God

Kaikura — African – Resembling a Ground Squirrel

Kalei — The name Kalei means The One who works for the Kinf

Kamali — Kamali means Perfection

Kamau — Kamau means Silent Warrior

Kame — Kame means Desolate, Arid

Kanelo — Kanelo name means Enough, Sufficent

Kanye — Kanye means Honor,Tribute

Katlego — The name means Success

Katungi — Katungi name means Rich and Pure as a Virgin

Kayen — Kayen name means He is Celebrated

Kayode — Kayode means He has brought us Joy

Kayonga — The name means Ash

Kazi — Kazi means Work, To Work

Keanjaho — A mountain of beans.

Keb — Keb means Part of the Eart

Keita — Keita means Blessing in African and The Child was a Huge Gift

Keldon — Keldon menas Town of the Keels

Kendi — Kendi means The one who is Loved and Cherised

Kenyi — Kenyi means a Son born after 3 daughters

Kesia — Keshwar means Tribe

Khamari — African,Caribbean Prince or Moonlight; Dreamer

Khari — Khari means Kingly

Kiho — Kiho means Fog

Kijana — Kijana means Youth

Kijani — The name means Warrior

Kimoni — Kimoni means Great Man

Kimotho — Kimotho means Left-Handed

Kinfe — Kinfe means Wings

Kione — Kione name means He came from Nowhere

Kirabo — Kirabo means The One who is a Gift of the God

Kiros — Means The King

Kitoko — Kitoko means Holder of the Beauty

Koda — Koda means The Allies, Partners

Kofi — Kofi means He is born on a Friday

Kosi — Kosi means He who is Born on a Sunday

Kuron — The name means Giving Thanks

Kwabena — Kwabena means Born onThuesday

Kwadwo — The name means Born on Monday

Kwame — A Boy who is born on Saturday

Kwanza — Kwanza means Beginning, Birth

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With L

Laquan — A quiet, shy person

Lebron — African word for King

Leeto — The one who embarks on an adventure

Lemma — A cultivated person

Lencho — He who is like a Lion

Lethabo — Happiness, Rejoice

Limba — African tree; happiness

Lishan — African – One who is awarded a medal; Defender of mankind

Lisimba — Egyptian name for Lion

Loba — Sharing a conversation, talking

Lolonyo — African name meaning Love is beautiful

Lolovivi — Love is always there

Lonan — A Zuni Tribe name that means Cloud

Lubanzi — Wide and deep or broad

Luthando — African name meaning Love and Adoration

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With M

Maat — Egyptian – Mythical goddess of order and justice; Truth; Law;

Mahdi — One who is on the right path

Maitho — The eyes that give you sight

Makalo — A person considered a wonder, a surprise

Malomo — Yoruba – Dont go anymore; Do not go away again

Mandela — African name describing spectacles

Mandla — African name for strenght

Manute — An African name

Mashaka — One who brings trouble

Mbwana — Ruler or master

Mejdan — A glorified person, a glorious person

Melokuhle — Stand for what is right, One who represents good things

Mensa — Third one in the family, third conceived baby Boy.

Mewelde — The glittering pearl.

Mhina — The person who is greatly pleasing or entertaining.

Mikaili — The one who is likely to the God’s messenger.

Mikenna — An African name that means who brings the Joy.

Milandu — An answer to the prayers

Mirembe — Peace or a peaceful nature. The peaceful world

Miyanda — The ancestors, the beginning, the roots

Morathi — An intelligent or a wise man

Mpasa — Brazilian word for mat.

Mpenda — Lover

Mpho — Gift

Mukami — A person who milks cows.

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With N

Naaib — A representative or a leader.

Naaji — A valuable or favourable person

Naashaad — The one who is unfortunate and depressed.

Naasi — Person who is understandable or unmistakable.

Nabeh — The person who is honourable and extraordinary.

Naeem — The person who is cheerfulness and well being.

Naiser — One who is a founder of belief

Nanji — Shelter, shield, safeguard.

Naserian — The lucky one. A fateful person

Nasha — In Nigerian it means born during the rainy season. In Persian it means Judge

Nathaar — The scattered tiny pieces of something

Natine — The person who belongs to the Natine ethnic group.

Natori — Bird

Natoya — Dance, or the one who can dance

Ndamukong — A house to keep or store spears

Ndwiga — Kenyan word for giraffe.

Neo — The talented one or skilled one.

Ngozi — Dedication, benediction, dedication, consecration.

Nnamdi — My father is still abides.

Nuru — Light

Nyack — The Facial expression in anger, displeasure, sadness or worry by the lord.

Nzinga — Beloved person who came from river

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With O

Obi — One with the beautiful essence, who has the quality of charming aroma. Also, one who have the quality to charm others.

Obuya — Born when the garden was overgrown.

Ochieng — Born in the daytime.

Odikinyi — One who was born in the early morning.

Odo — Passionately oiled.

Odongo — Second of twins.

Odour — Born after midnight.

Oghenerioborue — Great novel Triumph, prove superior of the contest

Ohon — The name is preserved.

Ojwang — One who survived despite neglect.

Okal — English short form of a Greek “Nicodemus” that means victory of the people.

Okapi — It’s a Latin word that means a horn. Also an ancient greek word that means pity or mercy.

Okello — One who was born after twins.

Okeyo — One who was born during the harvest.

Okoth — Talkative person. Sometimes used to refer a crow.

Olajuwan — The exaltation of the triumph.

Olu — The one who is out standing or extra ordinary.

Olufemi — The creator loves us, The precious people of God.

Oluoch — One who was born on a cloudy day.

Oluyomi — Delivered or sent by God

Omariba — Kenyan word for clay.

Omondi — He who was born at dawn.

Omwancha — He who loves people.

Onkwani — He who talks a lot.

Onyekachi — No-one is grander than God

Opiyo — First of the twins.

Oratilwe — The dearest and darling one.

Oringo — God is merciful

Osogo — The Osogo birth.

Othenio — Give birth by night.

Othiambo — One who was born in the evening.

Owiti — One who was born after a misfortune.

Owuor — One who was born mid morning.

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With P

Paki — One who is born to witness; unique and wonderful

Pili — Second child

Pretoria — A place name, the city in South Africa

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With Q

Qani — Content, satisfied person

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With R

Rael — Someone who is as innocent as a lamb; A variant name is Raele

Rafiki — A friend

Raimi — A compassionate person

Rashidi — A wise man

Rayle — One whose innocence is compared to a lamb

Riitho — Kenyan term meaning an eye to see with.

Roho — A soul of the man

Ruguru — Comes from the west.

Ruhiu — Sword

Russom — One who is a leader, a head of the charge

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With S

Sadik — He who is a friend

Safari — A journey, an expedition

Saidi — The auspicious one

Salama — Safety and security

Sanga — Means he came from the valley

Saran — African name meaning joy

Sarki — Chief

Seghen — Ostrich

Selas — Trinity

Selassie — One that refers to a trinity

Sena — Army

Senwe — Dry like the grain

Shange — A name of the African clan

Shaquan — He always tells the truth in life

Sindhile — One who is a survivor

Sisi — She who is born on a Sunday

Siyabonga — We are thankful or grateful

Sokoro — Lucky one

Sondo — A person born on a Sunday

Sudi — One who brings luck

Sulaiman — A prophet’s name, Solomon

Sulayman — A prophet’s name, Solomon

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With T

Tadelesh — A lucky man

Tafadhdhal — An obligation or commitment to someone

Tafadzwa — In Shona it means we are pleased

Tafari — He who inspires awe

Tahir — Pure, clean

Talib — Seeker of truth

Tambia — A name of the second born son

Tanisha — Born on monday

Tanishia — He who is born on Monday

Tano — Name of the river

Tatenda — Southern African name meaning thank you

Tedros — Award from God

Tefo — A payment or a reward

Tegama — A region in Niger

Tene — African name meaning love

Tenen — He who is born on Monday

Tennant — Tenant, renter

Teshi — One who is ful of laughter

Thabiti — A true man

Thabo — He who brings joy

Thandiwe — He who is loved

Thulani — One who is very quiet

Tiassale — African name, means that something is forgotten

Tiwa — One who owns the crown or kingship

Tokunbo — One who is from across the seas

Toure — One who belongs to Soussou, Africa

Trory — A red skinned person, dark skinned

Tuma — Refers to eternal or endless.

Tumaini — Hope

Tumo — Favourable public reputation.

Tuwile — Kenyan term meaning death is invincible.

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With W

Wachiru — Son of a judge

Waithaka — Of the land.

Waitimu — Born of spear.

Waiyaki — Famous leader of the Agikuyu.

Wamai — The one who came from the water.

Wambua — Born during the rain

Wamugunda — Of the land

Wamukota — One who is left handed.

Wamwarav — He who is intelligent.

Wangombe — Of the cattle.

Wangondu — Of the sheep

Wanjala — Brewer

Wanjohi — Kenyan word for brewer.

Waruhiu — One who always bears a weapon.

Warui — One who comes from the river.

Wasaki — The Enemy

Waweru — Born of plain.

Wekesa — Born during the time the crops gather.

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With Y

Yafeu — A bold and strong man.

Yaro — Son

African Baby Boy Names And Meanings Begining With Z

Zaire — River

Zula — Brilliant, Ahead

Zuri — Good or Beautiful

African Names For Baby Boys With Meanings