Accept Job Offer Letter/ Email Samples

Accept Job Offer Letter/ Email Sample

Writing a job acceptance letter or email on receiving a job offer may not be mandatory. However, doing so not only reinforces your professionalism but also creates a positive impression on the person at the receiving end.

Even if you have accepted verbally, it is smart to write an acceptance letter to formally accept the offer and to confirm the details. A job acceptance letter lets you outline the details of the job so that you are clear about your role in the company prior to your joining.

In this post, we have provided job acceptance letter samples to help you write that perfect job acceptance letter email.

#1. Example of a Letter Accepting a Job Offer

[Enter Your Name]
[Enter Your Address]
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[Enter Your Email]


Mr. Michael Brown
Director of Human Resources
[Enter Company Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am happy to accept the position as [Enter position offered] in your department. The ongoing training program outlined in your letter convinced me that your company offers excellent growth opportunities for its technical staff.

I understand that my salary will begin at [$40,000] per year and that my immediate supervisor will consider a salary increase when I demonstrate expertise in an advanced programming language.

The start date of [May 1] is acceptable and I look forward to thanking you in person when we meet at [8:00 a.m.] in your office on that date.

Again, thank you very much.


[Your signature]

[Enter Your Name]

#1. Example of an Email Accepting a Job

Subject line: [Enter Position Offered] – Job Offer Acceptance

Dear Mr. Chalk,

I am pleased to accept your generous offer of [Enter Position Offered] position at [Enter Company Name]. I certainly plan to confirm your trust in my abilities by working hard. [State Company’s Product name] products are famous for quality and dependability and I will do all I can to sustain that reputation.

As agreed, my starting annual salary will be [$35,000] and I will participate fully in the Doe employee benefit package. Please expect me at the Human Resources Department at [Enter Time and Date]. I look forward to my first day of contributing to the success of Doe Corporation.

I appreciate all the help that you and your staff have given me in this hiring process.


[Enter Your Name]

#2. Sample of Letter Accepting a Job Offer

[Enter Your Name]
[Enter Your Address]
[Enter Your City, State, Zip Code]
[Enter Your Phone Number]
[Enter Your Email]

[Enter Date]

Mr/Ms [Recipient’s Name]
Human Resources Manager
Open Door Company
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr/Ms [Recipient’s Name],

I would like to thank you for the job offer of [Title]

that has been offered to me. It makes me more than happy to be able to work for [Company’s name]. Please consider this email as my formal acceptance letter.

Working with a prestigious company like yours is a dream come true for me. I assure to give my best in every task given to me and strive for the goals and objectives of the company as a sincere employee.

Although I am clear about my salary, which is [Amount] per annum, I still have doubts regarding the other benefits such as insurance and medical facilities. Henceforth, I would like to request information on these.

I am fine with the rest of the terms and policies of your company.

Looking forward to our meeting next Monday. I have already sent all the necessary documents through the mail and believe that no paperwork is pending from my side. If there is any document remaining, please let me know.

Feel free to reach out to me at [Email] or at my phone number [xxxx-xxxxxx]

[Your Name]

#2. Sample of an Email Accepting a Job Offer

Subject line: [Enter Position Offered] – Job Offer Acceptance

Dear Ms. Philip,

I was thrilled to hear your team has decided to extend me the job offer of [Enter Position Offered]

at your organization. I am very pleased to accept the position and know I will make a positive contribution to your organization.

As we discussed, my starting salary will be [$35,000] and health and life insurance benefits will be provided after 30 days of employment.

I look forward to starting my employment on [Enter Date and Year]. If there is any additional paperwork or information you need prior to my start date, please let me know.

Thank you again and I am eager to join your staff!


[Enter Your Name]

Important! How to Write an Acceptance Email or Letter for a Job Offer?

  • Start by expressing your pleasure in accepting the offer, and your confidence in being able to do the job.
  • Confirm the relevant details of the agreement such as salary, starting date, or special arrangements.
  • If appropriate, indicate how you will make your next contact.
  • Reaffirm your interest or appreciation.
Accept Job Offer Letter/ Email Samples