Aboriginal Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Baby Girl Names

List of Aboriginal Baby Girls Name With Meanings

Bealga — A meeting place

Binda — Australian Aboriginal – Green Place; Deep Water

Canberra — A meeting place, name of the capital city of Australia

Jandi — A precious flower

Jara — A seagull

Kaawa — Kaawa means East

Kija — Kija means To Imagine

Kimba — Kimbra means Brush Fire

Kinta — Kinta means Laughter

Kirrily — Kirrily means Tree Bark or Leaf

Kora — Kora means Companion

Kumba — Kumba means Black Fruit Tree

Kylie — Kylie means Boomerang

Lirah — The name represents river

Lowanna — An Aboriginal name meaning A Girl

Nurrin — The first female sibling or the eldest sister in the family.

Onyx — Dark stone or dusky gem stone.

Pooky — A petitte, sweet, cute person

Quoba — Aboriginal name, means good

Tarni — A salty water, sea water

Tatiara — The good country

Taworri — An evening breeze

Aboriginal Baby Girl Names With Meanings