1000 Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Beginning With A

Boy Names Beginning With A

Arabic Boy Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With A

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With A

Aaaqil — One who is wise and intelligent.

Aaarabisk — A person who is wishful and healthy

Aaban — Name of the Angel, 8th Persian month, angel of iron, name Aban also in some cases has the meaning spontaneous and versatile

Aabdar — Name Aabdar has a quranic origin which means Moon light, early, quick. It is derived from the B-D-R root which is used in the Quran in verse 3:123 in the word Badr, which means “full moon” and is the name of a famous battle.

Aabinus — Meaning of word Aabinus is Ebony, Dark colored

Aadam — Malay version of Adam, meaning ‘father of mankind’.

Aadeel — Aadeel means Righteous and Just, it also means “one who acts with justice and fairness”, “moderate”, “virtuous”, “excellent in character

Aadil — Aadil means righteous, high in moral and virtuous, suggesting sanctimonious

Aafaaq — Horizons

Aafiya — the person who has a very sound body and health

Aaftab — the name means sunlight or the Sun

Aahad — Unity, oneness, harmony

Short Arabic Boy Names Beginning with A

Aahil — Aahil is an Arabic word that means “great king”, “great leader”, “emperor”, a king or ruler who presides over multiple nations and countries.

Aakif — The act of being strongly bonded towards someone or attached, it also means “one who stays at the mosque to worship Allah”, “one who stays away from people to dedicate himself to Allah”

Aakrama — Name of a famous companion of Prophet Muhammad.

Aalam — aalam has a meaning of World or universe, the one belonging to the whole World

Aalamgeer — this means the supreme conqueror of the world, Defeatless

Aalee — Noble and majestic, highly impressive and awe-inspiring

Aali — The another name of Allah or the almighty

Aalif — The one that is sympathetic or compassionate, affectionate to others

Aalim — the one who is Knowledgeable, high scholar, very wise

Aamil — it means a Hardworking person, doer

Aamin — the one having A great grace of God, the one who is divine

Aamish — The meaning of this name is the one full of enjoyment this also means food or meat

Aaqaa — the supreme owner or father, having full authority

Aaqib — the follower of Allah, follower

Aaqil — the who blessed with quick cognitive capacity, intelligent

Aarash — First ray of the sun.

Aarib — the one who is healthy and very handsome

Aarif — Acquainted, Knowledgeable, Devotee; Knowing; Aware

Aariz — the one who is a respectable man, intelligent, the one who leads

Aaro — Progressive; Mountain of strength. Derives from name Aharon

Aaroh — the one having high qualities as a mountain

Aarzam — the name means War, battle or being conqueror

Aasaf — the one who is very clear or lined up

Aashik — The true lover, a suitor

Aashiq — The true lover, a suitor

Aashir — the one who is alive or Living

Aasil — Name itself gives aggression. means to assault cruelly and constantly

Aasim — The one who is a Protector and Guardian

Aatazaz — Someone important or servant of the mighty.

Aati — The one who is generous.

Aatif — Kind and affectionate

Aayan — the one who is bright, swift

Aayiz — Replacement, something given to you in place of something you have lost.

Aazaad — someone Independent, Free

Aazam — someone Supreme, Powerful

Aazan — form of prayer

Aazar — The 9th month of celebration.

Aazif — the harvest

Aazim — the one who is determined

Aazz — someone Mightier, Stronger

Abaan — this is an Old Arabic Name

Abaas — Like a lion

Abab — the Softness and Gracefulness of Youth

Ababil — someone who accepts easily

Abad — someone who is Everlasting, Eternal

Abadah — the name has meaning of Endurance, Durability or Strength

Abadard — the One who Possesses Prosperity

Abadilat — the other name of Abdullah

Abadiya — Name of a famous author known for his unique style

Abahh — An astrologer of Al Mamun and basically Al-Abahh was the nickname of al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim.

Abaj — The name has a meaning of Eternity

Abakhtar — A planet

Abal — A wild rose

Aban — an Old Arabic name

Abanjar — Being Tall, Stout

Abann — someone who is Tall, Strong

Abannak — someone who is Firm to his decisions

Abanus — Someone having a dark complexion

Abar — tin Arabic he was Son of Arphaxad and Grandson of Shem

Abaravand — one who is above all, superior

Abarinnotavan — to Rejuvenate

Abasi — Being Stern and strict

Abasin — The other name of Indus River

Abatus — The winner of a battle

Abaven — Someone who is a protector

Abbaas — the Description of a lion

Abbar — Someone strong

Abbasi — being Stern, Frowning One

Abbasiyah — Being a Lion

Abbes — The name means a lion who has ruthless face

Abbi — The elder brother or son

Abbood — Very devoted

Abbud — the one who is Worshipper of Allah

Abbudin — being a Worshippers

Abd — A slave

Abd al Alim — Servant of all knowing

Abd al Bari — Servant of Allah

Abd al Hakim — Servant of the wise

Abd al Jabbar — Servant of mighty

Abd al Matin — Servant of strong

Abd al Qadir — Servant of capable

Abd al Rashid — Servant of the guided.

Abd al Sami — Servant of all hearing.

Abd er Rahman — Servant of the merciful one.

Abdal — the Persons by whom God Continues the World in Existence

Abd-al — the Servant of Allah


— the Servant of Allah

Abdalaziz — the Servant of the Mighty One

Abdalbari — true follower of Allah

Abdalfattah — the Servant of the One who Gives Nourishment

Abdalhadi — the Servant of the Leader

Abdalhakim — the Servant of the Wise One

Abdalhalim — the Servant of the Patient One

Abdalhamid — the one who is Servant of the Praiseworthy One

Abdaljabbar — the Servant of the Comforter

Abdaljabir — the servant of the one who helps others

Abdaljawwad — the Servant of the Noble One

Abdalkadir — the Servant of the Capable

Abdalkarim — the Servant of the Generous One

Abdalla — Servant Of God; Servant of Allah

Abdallafif — the one who is a Servant of the Kind One

Abdallah — the Servant of Allah

Abdalmajid — the Servant of the Glorious One

Abdalmalik — the one who is Servant of the King

Abdalmatin — the Servant of the Strong

Abdalmufi — the Servant of the Donor

Abdalmuhsin — the Servant of the Charitable One

Abd-almuhsin — This means servant of charitable ones ans also used in Arabic language.

Abdalqadir — the one being Servant of the Capable

Abdalrahim — the Servant of the Compassionate

Abdalrahman — being Servant of the Merciful

Abdalrashid — the Servant of the well Guided

Abdalrauf — the servant of sympathetic

Unique Arabic Boy Names Beginning with A

Abdalraziq — being Servant of the Provider

Abdalrazzaq — the Servant of the helper

Abdalsalam — the Servant of Peace

Abdalsami — the one who is Servant of the All-hearing

Abdalwahab — the Servant of the Giving

Abdarrahman — the Servant of the Merciful

Abdeali — the one who is Follower of Ali

Abdeel — A Cloud of God

Abdeladir — the Servant of the Capable

Abdelati — the one being Servant of Allah

Abdelazim — derives from the Arabic “Ê»Abd Al-‘AzÄ«m that is one of names of God in the Qur’an which names servant of mighty.

Abdelaziz — the Servant of the Mighty One

Abdelfattah — the one being Servant of the One who treat others with tenderness

Abdelgawwad — the Servant of the Noble One

Abdelhadi — the Servant of the supreme Leader

Abdelhakim — the kind Servant of the Wise One

Abdelhalim — the Servant of the Patient One

Abdelhamid — the Servant of the Praiseworthy One

Abdelkadir — the Servant of the one who is Capable

Abdelkarim — the one who is Servant of the One who is of noble birth

Abdelkerim — the Servant of the Principled One

Abdelkrim — the Servant of the Generous One

Abdellafif — the Servant of the Kindest One

Abdellatif — Such a charming peronality who serves kind people

Abdelmalik — the Servant of the King

Abdelmufi — the Servant of the Donor

Abdelouahid — Takne from Quranic origin that means servant of the One

Abdelqadir — the Servant of the Capable

Abdelrahim — Taken from word abd al rahim which stand for servant of the compassionate one

Abdelrahman — servant of the Merciful where “the Merciful” is Characteristic of Allah

Abdelsalam — the Servant of Peace

Abderrahim — the Servant of the Compassionate

Abderrahman — the one who is Servant of the Merciful

Abderraouf — Have faith in Allah and serve the most needed

Abderrazi — the Servant of the Provider

Abderrazza — the Servant of the one who helps others

Abdes shakur — Slave of the appreciative

Abdi — Originated from Hebrew origin and means servant of god or a slave

Abdiesus — One who serves.

Abdirahman — A person with sensitive nature who help the most gracious

Abdkhayr — Basically Khayr is all types of goodness

Abdmanaf — the Servant of Manaf

Abdo — the Very Sensitive and Kind one

Abdolrahem — A person who is kind-hearted that serves merciful

Abdou — Great ability to focus on each work; variant of name Abdo

Abdoul — In Arabic langugage, it is use as Abdal (Arabic) that means servant of compassionate one

Abdu — Worshipper of God

Abdual — A person with strong independent and creative nature personality who helps the most needed

Abdualla — A servant of god who serves merciful

Abdud daarr — Originated from Arabic language which means a person slaves those who causes loss

Abduddaar — Help an evil and immoral character with grace

Abduh — Originated from Islamic and it is an appellation of Muhammad

Abduk — A person who is blessed by god in every manner

Abdukhdra — A servant of the devotee of God

Abdukrahman — This Arabic name means a person who serves merciful people with grace

Abdul — Person supposed to be religious in his or her faith tradition

Abdul aalee — Serves people who are most needed from salvation

Abdul adl — It is a Islam name who is servant of completely just

Abdul afuw — Servant of Allah or servant of remissive; Indirectly Quranic name for Boys

Abdul ahad — Being one of names of God that means servant of only one

Abdul akhir — A person who works excessively hard to the last

Abdul aleem — A kind-hearted personality who getally serves all knwoing ones

Abdul ali — This indian Islam name person helps all the dignified person with grace

Abdul alim — translated from name Abdul Aleem which is being one of the names of God in the Qur’an. They serve all knowing people.

Abdul aliyy — With the strong & powerful capabilities they used to serve degnified people

Abdul awwal — A person who works for allah and help others

Abdul azeez — The disciple of the most high God.

Abdul azim — Azim is name of allah which means servant of the Majestic One

Abdul aziz — A person has strong and dominant individuality that serves respectable prsonalities

Abdul baari — Islamic name means slave of creator or evolver

Abdul baasit — This Islam name stands for servant of extender & creator

Abdul baith — Servant of Resurrector that means to bring back to life

Abdul baqi — A servant of the everlasting, which being one of the God names in Qur’an

Abdul bari — Slave of Allah who helps all the creators

Abdul barr — A person that helps the most kind and good people on the Earth

Abdul baset — Originated from Arabic language which means slave to the extender

Abdul basir — Built from Arabic word Abd and it means servant of the All-seeing

Abdul basit — This Islam name means servants of god who helps all personalities

Abdul batin — A person work excessively hard for unseen

Abdul fataah — Means slave of the gates of sustenance

Abdul fatah — Variant of Abdul-Fataah that serves the opener

Abdul fattaah — Originated from Arabic which means Slave of the contributor of success

Abdul fattah — Abdul name means servant of Allah who helps all the fighters

Abdul ghafar — Derives from Arabic name Abd al-Ghaffar which means servant of all forgiving people”Ž

Abdul ghaffar — Abdul is servant of Allah and ghaffar means merciful and most forgiving

Abdul ghafoor — People with highly immaginative personality means servant of forgiver

Abdul ghafur — Stands for servant of all the forgiving

Abdul ghani — A devoted and helpful follower who is sufficient to every thing

Abdul haady — A person who has duty to serve the guide

Abdul haafiz — This Islam name means servants of guardian or protector

Abdul hadi — Basically used in surname; it means servant of al-Hadi that stands for the guide

Abdul hady — Derives from Arabic Abd Al-HādÄ« that is being one names of God

Abdul haeyy — Means slave of those who lives or continues forever

Abdul hafeez — Slave to the preserver or protector, one who serves the master

Abdul hafezh — This Islamic name means servant of all the protectors

Abdul hafiz — Derived from Arabic words Abd, al- and Hafiz which means to help all guardians

Abdul hakam — This indirect Quranic name means to asssist all high authority personality

Abdul hakeem — A servant of Allah who helps wise people

Abdul hakim — A person who loves to help all intelligent as well as clever people

Abdul haleem — Devoted personality to help those who is having mild and patient nature

Abdul halim — This Islam name means slave of the all-clement

Abdul hameed — Variant of Abdul-Hamid who serves admirable or the ever praised

Abdul hamid — Stands for praiser of god who assists admirable

Abdul Hannan — The slave of Allah, one who is kind, compassionate and tenderhearted

Abdul haq — A servant of the truth; being one of God’s one name

Abdul haqq — A follower who serves those who are doing right or positive things

Abdul haseeb — A great servant of respected and honoured

Abdul haseib — Means slave of the analyst in calcuations

Abdul hasib — Derives from Al-Hasib which means noble, respected or reckoner

Abdul hayy — This Islam name stands for servant of living God

Abdul jabaar — English meaning of this name is servant of the God

Abdul jabar — Quranic name means servant of unbreaker that stands of servant of Allah as it is one of the name of Allah

Abdul jabbaar — Actual meaning of Jabbaar is almighty or the king who had great power

Abdul jabbar — Means one who serves the comforter

Abdul Jaleel — Servant of the majestic, servant of Allah.

Abdul jaleel — Stands for servant of most majestic or holy

Abdul jalil — This Islam name means servant of dignified people

Abdul jamee — Originated from Arabic language that means servant of Allah who help other people

Abdul jami — It means servant of gatherer which is originated from Arabic

Abdul kabir — Quranic name means servant of the great one as al-Kabir is one of the names of Allah in Islam.

Abdul kareem — A follower who serves gracious, noble and generous

Abdul karim — In Arabic this name means a person who serves kind man

Abdul khaaliq — Built from Arabic words Abd, al- and Khaliq that means servant of creator

Abdul khabir — Stands for slave of the one who is responsive

Abdul khafed — Abdul Khafed means slave of the one who is humble to everyone

Abdul khafid — Khafid itself means comfortable, smooth and easy

Abdul khaleq — This Islam names means slave of the creator

Abdul khaliq — Variant of Abdul-Khaaliq which means servant of creator

Abdul lateef — A devoted follower who helps kind man

Abdul lateif — A person who loves to serve gracious and kind people

Abdul latif — Means servant of the faintly kind-hearted; the gentle one

Abdul maajid — A unique personality who seve slave of brilliance and noble

Abdul maalik — Slave of the king & master, the Lord

Abdul majeed — As al-Majeed is one of Allah’s name which means servant of honourable and gracious

Abdul majid — This Islam name built from Abd that means slave of all glorious

Abdul Malik — Servant of the King (Allah).

Abdul malik — A servant of king, kings of king as it is Arabic name Allah

Abdul mateen — A person who serves all strong and powerful personalities

Abdul matein — This Islame name means slave of the definite

Abdul matin — A devoted and follower who serves powerful and strong

Abdul mosawwir — Originated from Arabic that stands for slave of the fashioner

Abdul mubde — A true servant of God or Allah who help all gracious

Abdul mubdi — This Islam name means servant of creator

Abdul mueez — This Arabic name means slave of admired with great respect

Abdul mughni — In English, this name means servant of the enriched

Abdul muhaimin — A follower who usually serves the protector and guardian

Abdul muhaymen — A devoted person who helps merciful or kind-hearted person

Abdul muhaymin — Quranic name that means slave of the supervisor or protector

Abdul muhsei — This Islam religion name means slave of the accountant

Abdul muhsi — One who helps reckoner or noble person

Abdul muhye — Originated from Arabic language; Means slave of the life giver

Abdul muhyi — Actual meaning of Muhyi is servant of the giver of life

Abdul muiz — The name is originated as African name that means servant of giver of glory and almighty.

Abdul muizz — A servant of honourer, respected and dignified

Abdul mujeeb — A person who is among those responsible for going immediately to the scene to provide assistance

Abdul mujib — Alternative of Abdul-Mujeeb, means servant of responder

Abdul mumen — This Musblim name means slave of the faithful and believer

Abdul muqaddem — Being one of god’s name, it means slave of the presenter

Abdul muqaddim — Indirect Quranic name means slave of the expediter or promoter

Abdul muqset — A servant of even-handed and reasonable

Abdul muqsit — Mainly used in Arabic that means servant of just one

Abdul muqtadir — A person who assists powerful and strong person

Abdul musawwir — Musawwir stands for servant of designer and fashioner

Abdul mutaal — A devoted person who helps most high or dignified personality

Abdul mutaali — A servant of self exalted or the inspirational individuality

Abdul mutakabber — A slave of the majestic or royal with grace

Abdul mutakabbir — This Islam name means a servant of majestic one or superb

Abdul mutal — Islamic name stands for a supporter who holds up most dignified personality

Abdul Muti — Servant of Allah.

Abdul Muzanni — Name of the narrator of Hadith

Abdul nafee — A person who works for his or her benefits

Abdul Nafi — Slave of the Propitious.

Abdul nafi — Servant of Allah, A servant of promising and supporter

Abdul nasir — A person who serves all defenders as well as protectors

Abdul nasser — A supporter who supports all helpers in every situation

Abdul nur — Urdu originated name stands for a servant of the light

Abdul qaadir — This Islamic name means servant of capable one.

Abdul qadir — As being one of God’s name and variant of Arabic words Abd, al- and Qadir; it means servant of powerful or strong personality

Abdul qadr — Devotee of God’s servant

Abdul qahaar — Basically it means servant of God or subduer to conquer & bring into subjection

Abdul qahar — One of the most beautiful names of Allah culinary

Abdul Qahhar — Servant of Allah

Abdul qahhar — Derived from Arabic origin; it stands for a servant of subduer

Abdul qawi — It is a form of Abd, means servant and al-Qawi, means of most strong that is one of God name in Islam.

Abdul qayoum — A person who is a draught or a drink of

Abdul qayyum — Servant of the never-ending or sustainers of existence

Abdul quddous — An individual who works hard for slave to the Allah (Holy)

Abdul quddus — Built from Arabic words Abd, al- and Quddus; Means servant of Allah or god

Abdul qudoos — A follower who helps the most blessed people

Abdul raafi — One who raises mental power & respect; One who elevates

Abdul rafee — One who achieve complete success in any situation

Abdul rafi — This Islam name means slave of the exalter.

Abdul raheem — A servant of the most concerned and kind one

Abdul rahim — al-Raheem is one of name of Allah; this name stands for servant of merciful people

Abdul rahmaan — In Islam, it means servant of the most gracious

Abdul rahman — A person who assists a generous or beneficent

Abdul raouf — A devoted supporter who supports or serves the most merciful & kind-hearted

Abdul raqib — A great personality who helps the viewer or observer

Abdul rasheed — Follower who supports honourable trainer or coach

Abdul rashid — Rashid itself means servant of the one who guides correctly

Abdul rauf — The servant of the most indulgent one

Abdul razaaq — Generally it means servant of the provider or maintainer

Abdul razaq — Variant of Abdul-Razaaq that means servant of the contributor

Abdul razzaq — It’s a male Islam name which means servant of the all-provider.

Abdul saboor — Arabic originated name means servant of the patients

Abdul sabur — Alternative of Abdul Saboor; it stands for servant of the long-suffering one

Abdul salaam — This Musim name means slave to the peace

Abdul salam — Serves the most peaceful and calm human being

Abdul samad — A servant of the eternal, endless or everlasting

Abdul samee — Correspondingly hearer of God or servant of all-hearing

Abdul sami — Derives from Abd al Sami name that means a person who hear to the Allah

Abdul samie — A Slave to the all hearing of God

Abdul Sattar — Servant of the protector

Abdul shahid — A person who is a servant of the observer or spectator

Abdul shakkor — A follower who helps the most grateful and thankful

Abdul shakoor — Serves the most thankful people with grace

Abdul shakur — Powerful personality to help all appreciative people

Abdul tawaab — Individuality who is a forgiver of Sins and Accepter of repentance

Abdul tawab — Originated from Arabic language that means servant of all forgiver one

Abdul tawwab — This Quranic name means servant of the relenting.

Abdul waahid — A servant of the God or unique one

Abdul wadood — A person who always try to help loved ones

Abdul wadud — As being one of God’s name this name means seravnt of all-loving peope

Abdul wahaab — A servant of the provider, contributor or benefactor

Abdul wahab — Stands for servant of all-giver in every situation

Abdul wahhab — A person who helps the giver or supporter

Abdul wahid — Arabic originated name stands for servant of just one

Abdul wajed — A person who is having enjoyment in a lively and loud way

Abdul wajid — This Islam name means slave of the perceiver or finder.

Abdul wakil — Servant of an individual one who is having all controls of things

Abdul waley — A follower who helps to all the supporters

Abdul wali — Basically it means servant of the governor or companion

Abdul wareth — Slave to the most successor or inheritor

Abdul wasee — It means servant of the all-embracing and comprehensive.

Abdul wasi — This creative & imaginative name means slave to all embracing.

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with A

Abdul zhaher — A person who really helps the most noticeable and clear personality

Abdulaakhir — A person who remians when everything has been messed up

Abdulaalee — A servant of the most dignified and most high people

Abduladl — A slave of the just one or unique one

Abdulafuw — A servant of the forgiver and slave of one who usually pardons

Abdulah — Variant of Abdullah (Arabic) that means God or Allah’s servant

Abdulahad — A person who serves only one human being at a time

Abdulahi — A follower who works for Allah and it is form of Abdullahi

Abdulaleem — Gentle and caring person who helps all knowing people

Abdulali — Built from Arabic words Abd which means servant of successful people

Abdulalim — A creative and excellent expressing ability person who serves all knowing people

Abdulaliyy — the man who serves the most high and dignified

Abdularahman — An individual who loves to help people who works for Allah

Abdulawwal — This Islam name means slave to the first one.

Abdulazaz — A great servant of the impressive and powerful one

Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with A

Abdulazeem — Built from Arabic word Abd which means servant of the mighty one

Abdulazeez — Unique personlity who heps the powerful

Abdulazim — Quranic name stands for servant of the majestic one

Abdulaziz — Abdul means servant and aziz means strong & powerful; servant of strong one

Abdul-aziz — A devoted follower who supports the most powerful and strong personality

Abdulbaari — A servant of the evolver or creator one

Abdulbaasit — Immaginative personality who serves the creator and extender

Abdulbadee — Name itself means servant of the discoverer or originator

Abdulbadi — Stands for slave of the unique and incomparable one

Abdulbais — A servant of those who never give up from raising

Abdulbaith — Servant of resurrect or slave of one who raises death

Abdulbaqi — This Islam name means slave of the everlasting or eternal.

Abdulbari — Built from words Abd, al- and Bari; means servant of creator one

Abdulbarr — Slave to righteous or honourable or good one

Abdulbaseer — A devoted supporter who helps discerning or all-seeing one

Abdulbasir — Aggressive and independent personality to serve all seeing

Abdulbasit — Human being that helps expader or extender one

Abdulbatin — Slave of the unnoticed and invisible in any situation

Abdulfataah — A servant of the gates of sustenance

Abdulfatah — The person who serves the opener one

Abdulfattah — Means slave to the conqueror or defeater

Abdulgani — Helps those who are generous, kind and self-sufficient

Abdulghafaar — A follower who supports those that accept mistake with their flaws

Abdulghaffar — A servant of the forgiver or all-forgiving one

Abdulghafoor — Serves the most merciful and all-forgiving one

Abdulghafur — Variant of Abdul-Ghafoor; it stands for slave to the all-forgiving

Abdulghani — Unique personality who helps rich, dignified and most high

Abdulhaady — A servant of the one who correctly guide on right way

Abdulhaafiz — Derived from name al-Haafiz that means slave to the guardian or protector

Abdulhadeem — One who correctly serves intelligent and sensible man

Abdulhadi — Derivation of al-Hadi which means the Guide; Stands for servant of the guide

Abdulhafid — A servant of the protector

Abdulhafiz — Being one of God’s name, it means servant of the defender

Abdulhakam — One who serves the higher authority or the judge

Abdulhakeem — Helps wise, good and kind-hearted people in any situation

Abdulhakeen — Alternative of Abdul-Hakim which stands for servant of the kind man

Abdulhakim — Slave to the good, clever and intelligent one

Abdulhaleem — Made from words Abd, al- and Halim that means servant of the most patient or mild

Abdulhalim — Servant of the patient one and all-clement one

Abdulhameed — One who serves the most commendable and admirable individual

Abdulhamid — Originated from Arabic language; Means a person who supports the most praiseworthy one

Abdulhannan — A servant of the most kind-hearted and merciful one

Abdulhaq — Slave to the most truthful one

Abdulhaqq — This Islam name means servant of the truth

Abdulhaseeb — One who helps the most respected and valued man

Abdulhasib — Slave to the most reckoned and respected personality

Abdulhayy — A great personality who works for Allah or God

Abduljabaar — A devoted follower who serves all-compeller or comforter

Abduljabar — Means powerful, mighty, servant of compeller

Abduljabbar — Servant of those who forces or obliges someone to do something

Abduljabir — Stands for servant of peace or comforter

Abduljaleel — One who serves the most high and diginified

Abduljalil — Serves the most great and revered personality

Abduljame — Originated from Urdu language that means slave to the gatherer

Abduljamil — Built from elements Abd, al- and Jamil; meaning servant of the most handsome or beautiful one

Abduljawwad — Servant of the most plentiful and generous

Abdulkabir — Helps to the most great one and unique one

Abdulkadir — One who supports strong and powerful personality

Abdulkafi — Servant of the Allah(all-sufficient) who helps in every situation

Abdulkareem — Generous; One who Serves a Generous Man; Servant of Allah

Abdulkarim — One who helps kind-hearted and giving personality

Abdulkawi — Active and quick mind ability to investigate different ideas

Abdulkhaaliq — Servant of the Creator

Abdulkhabir — Slave to the all-aware or informed

Abdulkhafiz — One who supports the most descended

Abdulkhalik — Derived from Arabic Abd al-Khāliq word that means servant of the extender

Abdulkhaliq — Meaning servant of the Allah or servant of the creator

Abdulla — Variant of Abdullah (Arabic) which means Allah or God’s servant

Abdullafif — One who serves generous and kind people with grace

Abdullah — God’s slave or servant of Allah; Islamic mystic Muhammad’s father name was Abdullah.

Abdullateef — One who Serves a Kind Man; Servant of the Subtle

Abdullatif — A person who supports merciful, kind and gentle personality

Abdulmaajid — Slave of the noble, excellence and gracious

Abdulmaalik — Servant of the Lord, King and Master

Abdulmagid — A devoted individual who helps glorious and famous one

Abdulmajeed — A person with clever and good mind ability helps glorious one

Abdulmajid — This Islam religion name means slave to the most glorious & wonderful people.

Abdulmalik — A follower who works excessively hard for God or the King

Abdulmani — Work for the one who just puts a stop to one

Abdulmannan — Serves the most compassionate, kind and generous one

Abdulmateen — Servant of the Firm; Strong

Abdulmatin — Originated from Arabic language that means slave to the firm, powerful and strong personality

Abdulmedjid — An individual who helps kind and good one

Abdulmejid — Slave to all glorious one with grace

Abdulmohsen — Name itself means a driver or wheel maker that brings joy

Abdulmubdee — A person who works hard for the inventor or creator

Abdulmubdi — Helps those who tries to invent anything for someone else

Abdulmueed — Extremely work hard for all reproducers or restorers

Abdulmughni — Servant of those who are rich and prosperous

Abdulmuhaimin — A faithful person who helps the supervisor and manager

Abdulmuhaymin — Serves the protectors, guardians, supervisors and attentive

Abdulmuhsen — This Islam name stands for servant of the supporters and benefactors.

Abdulmuhsi — Arabic originated name means slave to the one

Abdulmuhsin — Servant of the helpers as well as supporters

Abdulmuhyee — Servant of the one who completely give his life for some work and maintain it

Abdulmuhyi — A person who gives his life for anything

Abdulmuid — Muid means restorer or reviser or the reproducer

Abdulmuiz — Unique personality who serves those individuals that gives up life for the almighty

Abdulmuizz — Slave to the one who works for the God and mighty one

Abdulmujahid — Serves the one who immediately takes resonsibility of anything on spot

Abdulmujeeb — Servant of the answerer of prayers or responder

Abdulmujib — Variant of Abdul-Mujeeb; Means slave of the most responsive

Abdulmumin — Slave to the guardian or guarantor of the faith

Abdulmunim — One who serves to all the benefactors and supporters

Abdulmuntaqim — Servant of the one who penalizes those doing wrong things

Abdulmuqaddim — Helps all the presenters as well as expediter

Abdulmuqeet — A servant of the keeper or the sustainer

Abdulmuqsit — A person who serves just one with grace

Abdulmuqtadir — One who helps the most strong and powerful personality

Abdulmusawwir — Slave of the designer or servant of the fashioner

Abdulmutaal — Serves most glorious or the inspirational

Abdulmuti — One who works for the giver of life

Abdulmuttalib — It was name of grandfather of the Prophet PBUH that means servant of the seeker

Abdulmuzanni — Basically AbdulMuzanni was a narrator of Hadith.

Abdulnafi — Servant of the most auspicious and favourable

Abdulnaseer — Servant of the one who helps other in any situation

Abdulnasir — Slave to all the protectors and helpers

Abdulnasser — Servant of the one who is granting victory

Abdulnoor — Servant of the one who is bright and light

Abdulnur — Slave to the light and glorious one

Abdulqaadir — Serves those who are capable and competent

Abdulqabiz — Helps those who avoid doing from giving or granting

Abdulqadeer — Qadeer name itself means slave to the powerful & strong

Abdulqader — Slave to the talented and capable personality

Abdulqadir — An individual who serves the capable and able one

Abdulqahaar — Servant of the God or Allah who brings everything in his control

Abdulqahhar — A servant of the subduer or god

Abdulqawi — Derived from al-Qawi that means servant of the most dignified and strong

Abdulqayyum — Servant of the everlasting and self subsisting

Abdulquddus — Quddus stands for the perfect one, the holy one and the pure one

Abdulqudoos — A devoted suporter who serves blesses and most holy one

Abdulqudus — Variant Of Abdul-Qudoos which means slave of the most blessed people

Abdulraafi — Servant of the one who raises intellect and respect

Abdulrabb — Slave to the most powerful that is Lord or God

Abdulrafi — Slave of the most glorify or honourable people

Abdulraheem — Servant of the Most Compassionate

Abdulrahim — Arabic originated name means servant of the most merciful and kind one

Abdulrahmaan — Servant of the Mercifully Gracious

Abdulrahman — Serves the most glorious and good one

Abdulraouf — Servant of the Most Merciful

Abdulraqib — One who helps those that takes very good care in any difficult situation

Abdulrasheed — Servant of the one who correctly guide

Abdulrashid — Slave of the all right-minded personality

Abdulrauf — Servant of the most kind-hearted and merciful

Abdulrazaaq — Servant of the Maintainer; Provider

Abdulrazaq — One who serves the all providers and maintainers

Abdulrazzad — Servant of the provider

Abdulrazzaq — Servant of the all contributors and maintainers

Abdulrehman — A person who helps the merciful and gracious one

Abdulsaboor — Servant of the Patient

Abdulsabur — One who serves the patient and long-suffering one

Abdulsalaam — A great personality who helps the peaceful and calm one

Abdulsalam — Servant of the all peaceable one

Abdulsamad — Serves the eternal, never-ending or everlasting

Abdulsami — One who helps all hearing one with grace

Abdulsammad — Serves the endless, constant or everlasting one

Abdulsatar — One who provides the protector and guardian

Abdulsattar — Serves the most veiled and protector one

Powerful Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with A

Abdulshahid — Slave of the observer and viewer

Abdulshakoor — Serves the most thankful and appreciative one

Abdulshakur — An individual who helps the most pleased and grateful one

Abdultawaab — Servant of the Forgiver

Abdultawwab — Slave of the most relenting and the forgiver

Abdulvajed — A servant of the finder

Abdulvakil — Serves the one who is the implementer

Abdulwaahid — Servant of the One

Abdulwaali — A great servant of the governor and inheritor

Abdulwadood — One who helps the loving and kind one

Abdulwadud — Quranic name stands for slave of the loved one

Abdulwahaab — Servant of the Giver

Abdulwahab — Servant of the Allah or God who gives blessings

Abdulwahhab — Slave of the God or the Lord

Abdulwahid — One who actually serves just single person with grace

Abdulwajid — A servant of the perceiver and the finder

Abdulwakil — Servant of the person who has all controls

Abdulwali — Islam name means servant of the protecting one or the governor

Abdulwaliy — Alternative of Abdul-Waleei; means one who serves the protecting person

Abdulwarith — An individual who helps ultimate inheritor or successor

Unique Arabic Boy Names with Meaning

Abdulwasi — Slave to the acceptance and implementation

Abdulyaqzan — The servant of a vigilant person

Abdulzahir — One who serves the most demonstrated

Abdun — Arabic originated name which means servant

Abdun nur — Servant of the most bright and cleaver personality

Abdunnasir — A great servant of the helper that means Allah or the Lord

Abdunnoor — One who helps the light and brilliant one

Abdur — Variant of Arabic name Abdul which means servant

Abdur rabb — Servant of the Lord or slave to the Allah

Abdur rafi — One who serves the most exalted or elevator

Abdur rashid — An individual who serves the righteous & good man

Abdur rauf — Serves the most merciful, glorious and kind one

Abdurrab — Built from Arabic words Abd, al- and Rabb; stands for servant of the Allah

Abdurrafi — A unique personality who serves the most exalted

Abdurraheem — Servant of the most merciful and compassionate

Abdurrahim — Serves the glorious and powerful one

Abdurrahman — A servant of the most gracious and friendly one

Abdurran — The servant of Almighty

Abdurraqib — One who helps all the viewer and observer

Abdurrasheed — Servant of those who shows or guides to the correct path

Abdurrashid — Serves the one who is honourable teacher

Abdurrazzad — The servant of one who provides all

Abdurrazzaq — Quranic name means slave to the giver of sustenance or provision

Abdurrehman — An individual who serves the most merciful and gracious

Abdursalam — One who really helps all peaceable preson

Abdus — Form of Arabic Abdal that means “servant of”

Abdus sabur — Islam religion name stands for servant of the forbearing and patient one

Abdus samad — Serves the never-ending and eternal one

Abdus sami — Serves the one who listens to everyone

Abdush shahid — A great servant of the observer and spectator

Abdush shakur — One who serves the appreciative and thankful one

Abdushshaheed — Means slave of the witness or viewer

Abdushshahid — Helps the most amazing observer and viewer

Abdussabur — Arabic originated name; meaning serves the patient one with grace

Abdussalaam — Works hard for source of the peace

Abdussalam — Form of as-Salam that means glorified and Allah. Name stands for servant of the safety

Abdussamad — A devoted follower who supports everlasting and eternal one

Abdus-samad — Servant of the most ever-lasting one

Abdussami — Helps the all hearing one and the Lord

Abdus-sami — Name Abd al Sami means slave of the all-hearing one

Abdussattar — Serves the one who protects or hides all mistakes

Abdusshafi — Shafi name stands for servant of the healer

Abdus-shafi — Helps the one who tries and attempts to heal

Abdussubbooh — One who serves the extremely uncontaminated and pure

Abdussubhan — A unique personality that helps the most glorious and brilliant one

Abdut tawwab — Serves the most merciful and forgiving one

Abduz zahir — One who serves the apparent and overt one

Abduzzahir — Slave of the most patent and obvious one

Abed — Worshipper; Adorer

Abedin — Islam name means worshipper of the Allah

Abednego — Serves the most shinning and light one

Abeed — A derogatory term that means slave, servant or worshipper

Abeer — Variant of Abir; Fragrance

Abezag — The one is clean, pure and blessed

Abhaar — Gratitude or thankful to others

Abhaj — A person who is having a great wisdom of knowledge.

Abhar — The one who has the most cleverest mind.

Abid — Worshipper or devout of the Lord

Abiq — An exhaling pleasant fragrance

Abir (अबीर) — The word abir has the meaning of Fragrance, Scent, Aroma, in Hindu aspect aabir means Gulal or color

Abis — One who is swift and alert

Abisali — A warrior of Muslim religion

Abiz — A flame of fire or a spark

Abkar — One who is born first, who is on time

Ablagh — Who is most effective and perfect

Ablaj — A lucid person, very brilliant

Abnat — The strength or the courage

Aboud — To worship or a place to worship, a place in Palestine

Abqar — A fairyland, wonderful, amazing

Abrad — A coolest person, or the coldest

Abraj — One who has big and beautiful eyes

Abrak — A person who is most blessed

Abrar — A pious or a god-fearing person

Abrash — A spotted person, a dotted person

Abraz — The most distinctive or prominent person

Abriz — The purest form of gold, or the raw gold

Absaar — The vision or the sight or the power of seeing

Absar — The perception or the vision or the intellect

Absi — To frown or the frowning

Abtal — A brave person, or a hero

Abtar — In Sanskrit it meant the incarnation of a deity. In Arabic it means someone who is without progeny

Abu — The father of, one who is father of something

Abu al Khayr — One who does good

Abu ali — father of Ali, or father of an elevated person

Abuabdullah — The father of the servant of Allah

Abuahmad — Father of the holy praised person

Abuali — Father of a highly esteemed person

Abualkhayr — One who always does good

Abuamr — Father of the life or father of the enliven

Abuayyub — The father who will repent to Allah

Abubakar — Arabic – Father of young camel

Abubakr — The father or the owner of young camel, the companion of Prophet Muhammad, the first Caliph of Muslim.

Abubashir — A father of one who brings good news

Abudalamah — The one who is the father of blackness

Abudarda — Father of a toothless woman

Abudaud — father of a beloved person

Abudawaniq — A father of a kid weighing 2 carats

Abudawud — Father of the beloved and closest companion

Abufiras — Father of a lion or father of a lion hunter

Abughalib — The father of a dominant person or a conqueror

Abuhabib — Father of the most beloved friend

Abuhafs — The father of a lion cub

Abuhamzah — The father of a strong and steadfast person

Abuhanifa — The father of a true believer

Abuhanifah — The father of one who believes in Islam

Abuhassan — The father of a handsome Boy

Abuhazim — The father of one who regulates others

Abuhisham — Father of a noble or generous person

Abuhurairah — Father of a little kitten or a cat

Abuhurayrah — The father who has a little kitten

Abuidris — father of an interpreter

Abuishaq — Father of a righteous person who is on good deeds

Abujafar — Father of a stream or a rivulet

Abujahl — The father of ignorance, one who is highly ignorant

Abukathir — Father of abundant person

Abul — The servant or the servant of

Abulabbas — The servant of Abbas or the lion

Abulahab — The servant of father’s brother or uncle

Abulaina — The father of a beautiful eyed woman

Abulala — The father of the superior person

Abulasshab — The father of a master

Abulaswad — The father of Aswad or black

Abulbarakat — The father of the blessings

Abulbashar — The father of a humans or mankind

Abuldunya — The father of the worldly life

Abuldurr — The father of pearl

Abulfadl — The servant of a gracious person

Abulfaraj — The servant of cure

Abulfath — The father of the victory

Abulfazl — The father of virtue

Abulhaija — The father of battle or war

Abulhaisam — Father of a strong man

Abulhasan — Father of a good looking person

Abulhassan — One who is father of a handsome person

Abulhawari — Father of an apostle or a follower

Abulhusain — father of a good or handsome man

Abulhusayn — A handsome Boy’s father

Abulkalam — A father of eloquent person

Abulkhair — Father of a virtuous person

Abulkhayr — Father of a person who do good work

Abul-khayr — The servant of one who always does good

Abulmahasin — Father or merits or virtues

Abulmahzurat — Father of a scare-crow

Abulmasakin — Father of a poor person

Abulmughayyis — The father of one who saves others

Abulmusawir — The father of a creator or designer

Abulqasim — The father of one who shared or distributes

Abulsaid — The father of a happy or lucky person

Abultayyib — The father of a pleasant or good natured person

Abululu — The father of a little pearl

Abulwafa — The father of faithfulness

Abulward — The father of flowers or roses

Abulyumn — Father of good fortune or success

Abulyusr — The father of ease or comfort

Abulzinad — The father of a decoration

Abumahzoorah — A companion of Prophet Mohammad

Abumalik — The father of the king

Abumasood — Father of a fortunate or prosperous person

Abumuhammad — The father of the choicest person

Abunasr — Father of the victory

Abundrah — A very sensitive and prospersous being

Abusaeed — A dignified person’s father

Abusahl — Father of a person who is without difficulties

Abushaybah — Father of a aged person

Abutalha — The father of a huge tree

Abutalib — Father of a knowledge seeker or student

Abutayyib — Father of a virtuous or pious person

Abuubaidah — Father of a servant of Allah

Abuyazid — Father of growth or progress

Abuyousuf — Father of something increased by God

Abuzar — Father or owner of wealth

Abu-Zar — Name of a great companion of the Prophet Muhammad.

Abuzeid — Father of a prosperous person

Abyaz — The white color or the bright or pure

Achernar — The biggest star of the constellation river, the end of river

Achmad — One who is praised by all

Achmed — One who is more commendable

Ad — Arabic – Settler; German – Noble Wolf; Son of the Red Earth; Son of Adam

Adab — Good manners or etiquettes, morals

Adad — In Greek it means God or storm and flood. In Arabic it means the number counts

Adal — In German it means noble, In Arabic it means justice

Adalat — The point of justice or equality

Adamu — A variant of Adam, meaning father of mankind.

Adb — A slave or a sub-ordinate, also means to worship

Adbdullah — The servant of Allah, one who worship Allah

Adbhutha — The servant of right guidance

Addul — A son of, or a servant of

Adeeb — Intellectual; Erudite; Scholar; Literature; Arabic (Learned One)

Adeem — A rare or precious person

Adem — Virtuous, fair, pure, moral.

Adib — A scholar, well-mannered, cultured

Adiel — Hebrew – ornament of God; Arabic – Being Just, Honest, A variant of name Adil

Adil — Sincere

Adilbek — A just and fair master or chieftain

Adilkhan — A just and fair ruler or leader

Adilshah — The king of justice and equality

Adilzhan — A just, fair soul

Adiy — A acquaintance of Prophet Mohammad

Adl — Justice or an utterly just person

Adnan — Proper name

Adulaziz — The servant of powerful

Aduzzahir — One who is the slave of the manifest

Adwam — An everlasting, eternal, most durable

Adyan — The plural of religion and creed

Adylet — The variant transcription of Adilet It means justice

Black Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with A

Afaaq — A collection of horizons, blessed

Afak — The horizon, a name from Quran

Afakhim — The greatest of all

Afam — One who is loyal to others

Afan — Growth and progress

Afaq — The horizons of the world

Afdhaal — One who excels, excellent or prominent

Afdhal — An excelling person and prominent person

Afeef — Chaste in Arabic; A variant of name Afif

Affan — A pious person, devoted to God, One who forgives

Afham — One with loving nature, understanding

Afif — Chaste in Arabic; Modest

Afjal — Principal or chief, most excellent

Afkar — One who cares or thoughts

Afkhar — Magnificent, bravest or finest

Afnan — Arabic – Flower; Irish – Tree Branches with Leaves

Afrad — Refers to single one of its kind.

Afraz — The one who is keen to learn spiritual rules and regulations.

Afreda — The one who has created this whole planet.

Afroze — Refers to educational or helpful.

Afsah — An eloquent man.

Afsan — Refers to romance or creative writing.

Afta — The meaning of Afta is “younger or later born”. Friendly nature, easy going, practical, diplomatic, stubborn yet has a desire to please others.

Aftar — A humble, confident, practical and hard working being with very high leadership qualities.

Afyah — It depicts one who is board minded, determined, outspoken, straightforward, strong will power and open minded.

Afzal — The Best in Arabic; Most Excellent;

Afzul — One who has strong leadership qualities, good communication skills which will be fruitful for any business venture.

Agharr — One who is very handsome, brave, noble, dedicated, committed, faithful, dependable, righteous and obedient in nature.

Ah — An exclamation, expressive of surprise, pity, complaint, entreaty, contempt, threatening, delight, triumph, etc., according to the manner of utterance.

Ahad — Muslim – Another Name for God; Farsi -the only one of its kind; An Unique Individual

Ahadiyah — Unity

Ahamad — Much praised

Ahamada — Most praised worthy

Ahame — One who is commendable

Ahamed — Powerfull, authoritative , influential

Ahbab — Releatives, Friends, Companion

Ahda — Eid al-Adha,Festival of the Sacrifice, also called Bakr-Eid

Ahdaf — goals, targets, objectives

Ahdul — He serves the God

Ahed — A- Unity – Alone – Tankha – Unique – Cycle

Ahkam — One who is extremely wise, decisive, and just.

Ahkeel — Wise, thoughtful, Intelligent, KING (SANSKRIT)

Ahmad — Much praised. One of many names of the prophet Muhammad.

Ahmadullah — I praise Allah

Ahmaud — Variant of Ahmed, Some One Who is Highly Praised

Ahmed — highly praised”, which in turn implies “one who constantly thanks God.

Ahmir — Variation of Amir which means Father of Many

Ahnaram — A man who is not forbidden

Ahrar — liberals

Ahsan — Gratitude; thankfulness

Ahtesham — Glory, honor, greatness

Aicha — Life

Aidaan — “tall palm tree”

Aidar — The variant transcription of Aydar, meaning forelock or topknot

Aidyn — educated, intellectual, enlightened

Aifa — Smart; Talented; Gift; Clever; Sharp; Shrewd;

Aijaz — Favour; Blessing

Ailad — Children Offspring

Ailef — good friend”

Ainul — Eyes

Ainullah — Eyes of Allah

Aiqaz — Awake, Watchful, Vigilant

Aiqunah — Image; Picture

Aira — Respectable, highly regarded, decent

Aise — Life and Alive

Aish — An indirect Quranic name means life, livelihood. Derived from the AIN-Y-SH root

Aisultan — King of the moon

Aiyad — Able strengthener”, a person who is powerful and adds strength

Aiz — This was the name of a reciter of the Quran who followed the recital of Hamzah

Aizaad — Extension, excess

Ajab — Wonder, Astonishmen

Ajal — specified term or period, hour of death; death; fate, destiny

Ajala — African meaning: Believer of Allah. Sanskrit meaning: Eternal.

Ajaz — Miracle. Astonishment

Ajdal — Lovey, Handsome

Ajeenah — Strength of God The Memory of the Lord

Ajer — Reward, prize, incentive

Ajiad — One who is noble, generous and gracious.

Ajib — amazing, wondrous

Ajim — Zeal, Fire, Heat

Ajmal — The total, More beautiful,

Ajnat — Cheek

Ajubah — miracle, until we do not master the art (of anything), that remains a wonder

Ajwa — Name of a date in Saudia Arabia Tree planted by Holy Prohpet PBUH

Ajwad — Better, Best

Ajwed — Heaven Stone

Ajzal — Of Great Intellect

Akaram — Most generous, Noblest

Akarim — Giving generous

Akbar — The greatest

Akeel — Wise; Capable of creating idealistic and sensitive nature

Akeem — Arabic – Wise; Hebrew – Yahweh will establish; Established by Yahweh ; A derivative of name Hakim

Akfash — One who has weak eyes; there has been several men

Akhangal — Sword, weapon of war, warrior, fighter.

Akhat — One and only

Akhdan — Best friend

Akhi — My Brother

Akhileshwa — Lost meaning

Akhilpreet — All Loving God; Love for Everyone

Akhir — The name of God meaning The Last; Servant of the Last

Akhkaz — Fascinating, thrilling

Akhmet — Kazakh form of Ahmad, meaning more commendable

Akhsam — A lion-like man with a broad whord

Akhtar — Arabic – Star; Good Man; Good Luck

Akhundzada — Son of someone who is learned in religious matters

Akhzam — Male Serpent; one who has blessings of Allah

Akid — Certain Strong firm; a reserved natured person

Akiel — Army Guard, Protecting Army, Defending warrior, My witness, Refuge of God.

Akif — Intent

Akifa — Worshiping in isolation

Akiyl — Name fit for Arabic Boys

Aklaf — Lion

Akzhurek — White heart

Alam — Arabic – The Whole World; World ; A variant form of name is Alamgir

Alamar — Arabic – Coated in Gold

Alamini — Trustworthy

Alasqualani — A muslim baby Boy name of arabic origin

Alhaadi — Guide

Ali — Elevated, prominent, superior

Alija — Bosnian form of Ali. It means highly regarded.

Aljahiz — One with big eyes

Aljanah — One from paradise

Aljili — Arabic name for Boys

Aljizi — Arabic name for Boys

Aljurjani — Arabic name for Boys

Alkabir — The Great, Huge, Grand

Alkamil — He who is perfect

Alkasim — Generous, charitable, kind

Alkeld — A cauldron

Alkelda — healing spring, curative spring

Alkhadim — Attendant, assistance, helper

Alkhattab — the sermon-giver

Alkhawas — Arabic name for Boys

Alkhayyami — Arabic name for Boys

Alkhayyat — An occupational name meaning taylor

Alkhidr — The Green Man, A Prophet

Alkumayt — Arabic name for Boys

Allah — Name of the Lord, the Exalted

Allovera — True stranger

Allysia — Dignified; Noble

Almahdi — Rightly Guided

Alman — Kind; Willing and Wiseman; Noble Man

Almeida — Low hill or plateau

Almir — Prince

Alwan — Another name of Alwin, they are aristocratic friends who are colorful, lofty, noble and easy-going

Amaan — The one who is fearless, calm, trustworthy and loved of all

Amalina — Strain; person who is hardworking and puts a lot of effort in everything

Amangeldi — Safety came

Amardad — Immorality, one who is immortal.

Amardit — Arabic name which means moon

Ameen — Divine Grace; Honest; Faithful; Trustworthy

Amer — Arabic – Ruler, Prince, Emir, Commander; It is a variation of name Amerigo and Amir

Amir — A born leader and a prince who is born to give orders

Amjad — Arabic – Greater Glory; Noble; Most Excellent; More Illustrious; Skillful; Expert

Amnon — Arabic – Faithful, Trustworthy, Truthful; A variant of name Amin

Amro — Natural peacemaker who are sensitive, perspective and shy

Anaar — Arabic – Light and Radiance; Glow; Bright; A variant of this name is Anar; Persian – Pomegranate

Annan — Celtic – From the Brook; Arabic – Slow Actor, Sluggish (not used due to negative meaning)

Anoushiravan — Name of an ancient Iranian king.

Antar — Arabic – Strong One; Famous Warrior Sikh – Inner Heart

Antwan — Latin – Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

Anuar — Kazakh variant of Variant of Anwar, meaning brighter and luminous

Anwaaraddin — Light of the faith, brilliance of the faith

Aqsad — Achiever, goal-setter

Arbaaz — A mighty Eagle

Arhaa — Calm or serene.

Ariabood — The tribe leader

Arij — Arabic – Fragrance; Pleasant Smell; Scent

Armaan — Desire, wish; has a generous and helpful nature

Armeen — Name of a character In Shahnameh.

Arqa — One having refined tastes.

Arsalaan — Lion; King of Jungle; One who is mighty and powerful like the lion

Arsalan — Lion; King of Jungle; One who is mighty and powerful like the lion

Arshan — Brave, Courageous; Doer of good deeds

Arwa — Softness; Lightness; Agility; Liveliness; Beauty

Arwah — Breeze,wind

Arzan — Valuable

Arzang — Ancient wrestler

Asaad — Lion

Asad — Lion

Asadel — Successful

Asadi — One strong like a lion.

Asadul — Most prosperous

Asadullah — Allah’s lion; it was a tiltle od hazrat Ali

Asbat — Stable and reliable

Aseef — Forgiveness

Aseelah — Arabic – Deep-rooted; Noble; High-Born; Creative

Aseer — Honoured, Chosen

Asees — Benediction; Blessing;God’s Grace; Shower’s of mercy

Asem — Protector, Guardian, Defender

Aset — Aset is derived from Arabic word asad meaning lion

Asfaq — Compassion, kindness

Asfour — Bird

Asgar — Devotee

Asghar — Smaller, younger

Ashab — Good friend and companion

Ashaj — Abu ad-Dunya al-Maghrabi

Ashar — Brave, strong

Ashaz — One in a million; Sahabi during the Prophet’s time

Ashfaq — Kindness

Ashhal — Bluish black eyes

Ashhar — Famous, renowned

Ashia — Lively, hope

Ashiqali — Adorer of Ali

Ashiqmuhammad — One who adores Prophet Muhammad

Ashja — More courageous

Ashmal — One who is perfect and complete

Ashnad — A great swimmer

Ashraf — The most honorable one

Ashrafussadat — Most noble Sayyid

Ashras — Name of a narrator of Hadith

Ashrat — A mark or a sign

Ashtak — One of the names of Prophet Muhammad.

Asid — Another name for lion

Asif — One who forgives others

Asifah — One who organises or the organiser

Asil — One who is pure and noble

Asim — One who is protector and the guardian

Asir — The selected or the chosen brave person

Asjad — One who spends a lot of time worshipping Allah

Asjid — A person who prays to God

Askar — Army; Fighter; Warrior; Defender

Askari — A persian word which means soldier

Aslam — Arabic – Healthy; Safer; Freer

Asliraf — A Boy who is honoured

Asmar — Arabic word for Deep yellow

Asmaro — Brown

Asmir — A Boy who is active and popular

Asooda — A person who is very prosperous and happy

Asraf — A person who is without grief

Asrar — Old word for secrets and mysteries

Assad — A group of animal names meaning lion

Assalam — One who is converted to Islam

Asucena — Lily flower

Aswab — The one who is best.

Aswad — Arabic and Egyptian Name; means Black

Asylbek — Noble and precious master or chieftain

Ata — Arabic – Gift; Fante – One of Twins; Turkish – Ancestor, Predecessor

Ataa — Arabic – Gift; Fante – One of Twins; Turkish – Ancestor, Predecessor

Ataallah — A Boy who is Allah’s gift

Ataalrahman — A Boy who is considered as the gift of the beneficient

Atabuk — Protector or the guard of others

Atallah — Gift of Allah

Atash — Persian word which means fire

Ataubaq — A handsome and a helpful person

Ataullah — Gift of Allah

Ataurrahman — A gift from Allah

Ateeb — Virtuous and devoted to God

Ateeqa — Ancient and Noble

Atef — A kind hearted Boy

Atf — Kindness, favor and affection

Atfat — Affection, compassion.

Athar — Generous and pristine

Athazaz — A person who remains a mystery

Atheel — One who is high in status or nobility.

Atheer — The light reflected from a sword’s blade, or a person of high status and good qualities.

Athil — Someone who is firmly rooted

Athir — A person who can be honored

Athmane — They are family oriented and have protective spirit

Atia — Arabic word meaning ancient

Atiah — One who is always ready

Atif — Arabic – Kind One; Generous; Sympathetic; Compassionate

Atifat — Kindness and Sympathy

Atik — The black cloth of the Kabba

Atika — A noble and a huble person

Atiq — Arabic – Ancient;

Atir — The fragrant or an aromatic name

Atiya — Arabic – Gift

Atqa — A sincere girl

Attaf — Protector of the weak and oppressed.

Attar — Perfume maker

Attiah — A person like a god who helps others

Attiq — Used in the Quran meaning Antique

Atuf — A loving person

Atufa — A kind and a merciful Boy

Atun — An educator

Atyab — Noble and an excellent Boy

Atyaf — A person full of fantasies

Aubeidulla — A noble son; learned person; a guide

Auj — Zenith or the climax

Aula — Another name for Prophet Muhammed

Auraq — Dust colored, or sand colored

Aus — They are giving natured people; gifted being

Ausaf — One who is filled with virtues; merit

Autar — One who fulfills desires and wishes

Avid — One who has lot of wisdom and is accepted by all

Awaan — One who is of finest quality

Awad — Reward; Compensation; Kind; Tenderhearted; Compassionate

Awadil — Justice and fairness, one who is fair and just.

Awais — A gifted individual

Awaiz — One who is decorated and decked

Awamil — Active, effective, or one who has a role.

Awamiri — Long-lived

Awan — Moment, or time

Awanah — A middle faced individual

Awani — Helper, or supporter

Awaz — Arabic – Giver of Restitution; It also means tune or melody

Awf — A willow tree; who cannot be tamed; nice smell

Awj — Height, pinnacle, top

Awlya — Good friend and companion.

Awmar — Long-lived, one who has a long life

Awn — A helper and a supporter

Awrad — Rose colored, or rosy, one with healthy and youthful looking skin.

Aws — Name of a big tree

Awwab — A pious, devoted and god fearing person

Awwal — A servant of Allah

Ayaaz — A king; they are respected and enduring

Ayad — Benefit, Blessing, Profit

Ayamin — One who is blessed, the blessed one.

Ayatullah — They show the sign of Allah

Ayaz — Cool night breeze; a royal breeze

Aybak — This name refers to Qutb-Ud-Din Aibak. It means slave or messenger.

Ayeesa — A woman who brings happiness

Ayeesah — A woman bringing joy and prosperity

Ayham — A strong willed

Aymaan — One who is a fearless gift of God

Ayman — A right headed and blessed individual

Aymon — Arabic – Fortunate; Variation of name is Ayman

Aynulhasan — One who is like Hasan

Aynunnaim — A fountain of blessing

Ayoob — Returning to God; Repenting; A variant of name Ayyub

Aysar — One who is better off, or living better.

Ayyash — Long lived

Ayyubi — One who is like prophet Ayyub, patient, humble and virtuous.

Azaan — Quranic name – Announcement; Call to prayer; Call recitied in Mosque 5 times a day calling for prayer

Azban — Fresh and sweet. A variant of Azeeb.

Azeeb — Fresh and sweet

Azfaar — Victory and triumph

Azhar-ud-din — Most visible, one who explains the religion.

Azizi — Arabic – Beloved; Precious One; Treasure; Valuable

Azoom — One who is extremely talented and wise.

Azzami — One who is fierce like a lion.

1000 Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Beginning With A