DFMS stands for Diplôme de Formation Médicale Spécialisée (French: Diploma of Specialist Medical Training) DFMS stands for Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (formal name of The Episcopal Church, USA) DFMS stands for Delaware Financial Management System DFMS stands for Digital Facility Management System DFMS stands for Data File Management System DFMS stands for Dean of … Read more


DFOT stands for Direction for Our Times (Catholic organization; Justice, Illinois)


DFGC stands for Double Fibre Glass Covered (wires) DFGC stands for Dryden Full Gospel Church (Canada) DFGC stands for Driving Force Giving Circle DFGC stands for Delmar Full Gospel Church (Bethlehem, NY) DFGC stands for Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs DFGC stands for Dalian Friendship Group Co. (China) DFGC stands for Varnish Bonded Double Glass … Read more


DFKO stands for Deutschschweizer Forum Katholischer Organisationen (German: German-Speaking Catholic Organizations Forum)


ACAAC stands for Association of Civil Aviation Authorities of the Caribbean ACAAC stands for Ancient Christianity and African American Conference


DFBC stands for Dubai Filipino Bowling Club (United Arab Emirates) DFBC stands for Duncanville’s First Baptist Church (Texas) DFBC stands for Diabetes Family Behavior Checklist DFBC stands for Direct-Feedback Coder DFBC stands for Data-Flow-Based Criteria DFBC stands for Dragon Fly Basket Club (Belgium)