DFTP stands for Don’t Forget to Pray (music) DFTP stands for Duty Free Tariff Preference (India) DFTP stands for Développement de Franchise Tutti Pizza (French pizza franchise development company) DFTP stands for Dias Frères Travaux Publics (French construction company) DFTP stands for Don’t Forget The Pintes (Belgian pop band) DFTP stands for Development Flight-Test Program … Read more


DFUMC stands for Decatur First United Methodist Church (Georgia)


DFWC stands for Deliverance Family Worship Center (Jonesboro, AR)


DFWD stands for Defenders of the Faith in Word and Deed (Catholicism; publication)


DGBC stands for Dutch Green Building Council (Netherlands) DGBC stands for Dedworth Green Baptist Church (UK) DGBC stands for Delaware Grace Brethren Church (Delaware, OH) DGBC stands for Digital Geoballistic Computer DGBC stands for Dr. Gonzo’s Bazooka Circus (band)


DGE stands for Direction Générale des Entreprises (French: General Directorate for Enterprise) DGE stands for Direction des Grandes Entreprises (French: Directorate of Grand Enterprises; various locations) DGE stands for Diesel Gallon Equivalent (fuel storage) DGE stands for Dynamic General Equilibrium (economics) DGE stands for Directeur Général des Élections (French: Chief Electoral Officer; Canada) DGE stands … Read more


ACBC stands for Autonomous Community of the Basque Country ACBC stands for Australian Catholic Bishops Conference ACBC stands for Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman (founder of Lotus automobiles) ACBC stands for Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist (psychology) ACBC stands for Acinetobacter Calcoaceticus Baumannii Complex ACBC stands for American College of Bond Counsel (est.1995; law) ACBC stands for … Read more


DFGC stands for Double Fibre Glass Covered (wires) DFGC stands for Dryden Full Gospel Church (Canada) DFGC stands for Driving Force Giving Circle DFGC stands for Delmar Full Gospel Church (Bethlehem, NY) DFGC stands for Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs DFGC stands for Dalian Friendship Group Co. (China) DFGC stands for Varnish Bonded Double Glass … Read more


DFKO stands for Deutschschweizer Forum Katholischer Organisationen (German: German-Speaking Catholic Organizations Forum)