DCFC stands for Death Cab for Cutie (band) DCFC stands for Detroit City FC (soccer club: Detroit, MI) DCFC stands for Derby County Football Club DCFC stands for Direct Carbon Fuel Cell DCFC stands for Direct Current Fast Charge (vehicle charging station) DCFC stands for Dallas Chinese Fellowship Church (Plano, TX) DCFC stands for Dartmouth … Read more


DCFI stands for Dove Christian Fellowship International DCFI stands for Diversified Cash Flow Institute DCFI stands for District of Columbia Fatherhood Initiative DCFI stands for Doppler Color Flow Imaging DCFI stands for Draft Call for Improvement DCFI stands for Day-Care Facility Investment


DCFK stands for Dove Christian Fellowship Kitchener (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)


DCGC stands for Daviess County Growth Council (Indiana) DCGC stands for Dansk Center for Grid Computing (Denmark) DCGC stands for Dartmouth College Gospel Choir (Hanover, NH) DCGC stands for Dawson Committee for Gun Control (Canada)


DCHS stands for Deep Creek Hot Springs (San Bernardino National Forest; California) DCHS stands for Decatur Central High School (Indianapolis, IN) DCHS stands for David Crockett High School (Jonesborough, TN) DCHS stands for Deep Creek High School (Virginia) DCHS stands for Daviess County High School (Kentucky) DCHS stands for Dowling Catholic High School (West Des … Read more


DCJC stands for Devon County Junior Choir (UK)


DCLM stands for Deeper Christian Life Ministry (Bronx, NY) DCLM stands for Department of Conservation and Land Management (Australia) DCLM stands for Department of Command, Leadership, and Management DCLM stands for Dynamic CPU (Central Processing Unit) Load Management


DCLU stands for Department of Construction and Land Use (aka Department of Design, Construction and Land Use; Seattle, WA) DCLU stands for Digital Carrier Line Unit DCLU stands for Dartmouth Civil Liberties Union (Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH) DCLU stands for Doma Christian Leadership University (Washington)


DCMM stands for Door County Maritime Museum (Sturgeon Bay, WI) DCMM stands for Digital Capabilities Management Model DCMM stands for Diocesan Council for Mission and Ministry (Catholic group; UK) DCMM stands for Deutsche Case Modding Meisterschaft (German: German Case Modding Championship)