DCSA stands for Dependent Care Spending Account DCSA stands for DaimlerChrysler South Africa DCSA stands for Dural Sac Cross-Sectional Area DCSA stands for Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (US DoD) DCSA stands for Distinguished Chapter Service Award DCSA stands for Department of Computer Science and Applications DCSA stands for Defence Communications Services Agency (UK) DCSA … Read more


DCSB stands for Dessins Charpentes et Structures Bois (French: Carpentry Drawings and Wood Structures) DCSB stands for Dakota County State Bank (South Sioux City, NE) DCSB stands for Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking (physics) DCSB stands for Dead Cows Strike Back (gaming clan) DCSB stands for Delta College Symphonic Band DCSB stands for District Catholic School … Read more


DCN  stands for Data Center Networking DCN  stands for DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Corporate Network DCN  stands for Disconnect DCN  stands for Direction des Constructions Navales (France) DCN  stands for Data Communication Network DCN  stands for Deep Cerebellar Nuclei (brain) DCN  stands for Document Control Number DCN  stands for Dynamic Circuit Network (computer networking) DCN … Read more


DCO stands for Development Consent Order (UK) DCO stands for Distillers Corn Oil (feed) DCO stands for Division of County Operations (various locations) DCO stands for Direct Capture of Objectives DCO stands for Developmental Center of the Ozarks (Springfield, MO) DCO stands for Defensive Cyber Operations (US DoD) DCO stands for District Coordination Officer (Pakistan) … Read more


DCOC stands for Deutsche Chill Out Charts (music playlist; Germany) DCOC stands for Davis Chamber of Commerce (various locations) DCOC stands for Deputy Commandant of Cadets DCOC stands for Direct Current Offset Correction DCOC stands for Dayton Church of Christ DCOC stands for Denver Church of Christ DCOC stands for Deputy Clerk of Course


DCP stands for DCP Die-Cast Promotions DCP stands for DCP Deputy Commissioner of Police DCP stands for DCP Dicalcium Phosphate DCP stands for DCP Digital Cinema Package (Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC) DCP stands for DCP Department of City Planning DCP stands for DCP Department of Consumer Protection DCP stands for DCP Development Control Plans DCP … Read more


DCPRG stands for Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden (Japanese rock musician)


DCPRG3/GRPCD1 stands for Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden 3rd/General Representation Products Chain Drastism 1-Compact Disc (Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden album)