DCFF stands for Door County Folk Festival (Wisconsin) DCFF stands for Dekalb County Farmland Foundation (est. 1998) DCFF stands for Derby City Film Festival (Louisville, KY) DCFF stands for Denton County Federation of Families (Denton, TX) DCFF stands for Deep Creek Fly Fishers (Redlands, CA)


DCGEP stands for Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership


DCIC stands for DC Improvisers Collective DCIC stands for Delaware Community Investment Corporation (est. 1994; Wilmington, DE) DCIC stands for Ductile Cast Iron Container DCIC stands for Dichloroisocoumarin DCIC stands for Digital Color Imaging Colposcopy (healthcare technology) DCIC stands for Data Cabling Installer Certification DCIC stands for Drill & Ceremonial Instructor Course (Canada) DCIC stands … Read more


DCIPA stands for Douglas County Individual Practice Association (Oregon)


DCLD stands for Digital Circuits and Logic Design DCLD stands for Dubai Central Laboratory Department (United Arab Emirates) DCLD stands for Discrimination Case Law Digest (journal) DCLD stands for Duatronic Computer Library Database (Star Trek) DCLD stands for Division for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities (Council for Exceptional Children) DCLD stands for Divison of … Read more


DCMADA stands for District of Columbia Metropolitan Area Dietetic Association


DCDP stands for Demi Chef de Partie (chef position) DCDP stands for Devil Creek Development Project (Australia) DCDP stands for Deoxycytidine Diphosphate (nucleotide) DCDP stands for Développement Culturel et Direction de Projet (French: Cultural Development and Project Management) DCDP stands for Des Cubes et des Pioches (French: Cubes and Picks) DCDP stands for DC Database … Read more