DG stands for Digital Government DG stands for Doppelganger DG stands for Delta Gamma DG stands for Director General DG stands for Distributed Generation (natural gas) DG stands for Dangerous Goods DG stands for District Governor DG stands for Dollar General (stock symbol) DG stands for Disc Golf DG stands for Directorate-General (of the European … Read more


DGAM stands for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Alternative Medizin (German: German Society for Alternative Medicine) DGAM stands for Dirección General de Armamento y Material (Spain) DGAM stands for Diversified Global Asset Management (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) DGAM stands for Dirección General de Asuntos Marítimos (Spanish: Director General Maritime Affairs; Guatemala)


DGCT stands for Droit et Gestion des Collectivités Territoriales (French: Law and Management of Local Authorities) DGCT stands for Disc Golf Club Tampere (Tampere, Finland) DGCT stands for Density Gradient Centrifugation Technique DGCT stands for Digital City (website) DGCT stands for Diffuse Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor DGCT stands for Deputy Garrison Commander for Transformation


DGDC stands for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Dermatochirurgie (German: German Society for Dermatologic Surgery) DGDC stands for Directorate-General for Development Cooperation (Belgium) DGDC stands for Delaware Geographic Data Committee (est. 1998) DGDC stands for Dirección General de Divulgación de la Ciencia (UNAM, México) DGDC stands for Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation (Goldsboro, NC) DGDC stands for Danny … Read more


DFSP stands for Drug-Free Safety Program (Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation) DFSP stands for Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans DFSP stands for Defense Fuel Support Point DFSP stands for Donor Funded Staffing Program (World Bank) DFSP stands for Disaster Food Stamp Program DFSP stands for Defense Fuel Supply Point DFSP stands for Disposable Food Service Products (SALA-Group; Mission … Read more


DGÄPC stands for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetisch-Plastische Chirurgie (German: German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)