DCTS stands for Dauphin County Technical School (Harrisburg, PA) DCTS stands for Defense Collaboration Tool Suite DCTS stands for Dimension Custom Telephone Service DCTS stands for Detective Case Tracking System (Los Angeles Police Department; Los Angeles, CA) DCTS stands for Delaware County Technical Schools (Pennsylvania) DCTS stands for Defense Collaborative Tool Set (distributed mission planning) … Read more


DCyP stands for Del Carpio, Covarrubias y Pedraza (law firm; Mexico) DCYP stands for District Council of Yorke Peninsula (Australia) DCYP stands for DC Metro Young Professionals Kiwanis Club DCYP stands for Directorate for Children and Young People (UK)


DDGI stands for Diputació de Girona (Spanish) DDGI stands for Dimensions Design Group, Inc. (advertising; New York) DDGI stands for Deutscher Dachverband für Geoinformationen eV (Germany) DDGI stands for Dishonorable Discharge, General Court Martial, Immediate


DDGP stands for Didier Defourney Grand Prix (race promoter) DDGP stands for Dishonorable Discharge, General Court Martial, after violation of Probation DDGP stands for Deputy Director General Programmes (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)


DCDG stands for DCDG (not an acronym; formerly Dot Com Design Group; Bellingham, WA) DCDG stands for Dub City Derby Girls (roller derby club) DCDG stands for Drug Court Discretionary Grant (justice system; various locations) DCDG stands for Danish Contact Dermatitis Group DCDG stands for Dimethylamino-Cyclohexoxyl-Dimethyl Gallium (antimalarial drug)


DCDLA stands for Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (Dallas, Texas, USA)


DCEJC stands for District of Columbia Employment Justice Center (Washington, DC)


DCIA stands for Debt Collection Improvement Act DCIA stands for Distributed Computing Industry Association (international trade organization) DCIA stands for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency DCIA stands for Directly Connected Impervious Area (water management; various locations) DCIA stands for Durham Congregations in Action (Durham, NC) DCIA stands for Deep Circumflex Iliac Artery (pelvis) DCIA … Read more