DCDD stands for Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development DCDD stands for Division for Communicative Disabilities and Deafness DCDD stands for Dunes Community Development District (utility; Palm Coast, FL) DCDD stands for D.C.’s Different Drummers (Washington, DC, USA) DCDD stands for Directorate of Combat and Doctrine Development (US Army) DCDD stands for Donation After Circulatory … Read more


DCDS stands for Dallas County Dental Society (Dallas, TX) DCDS stands for Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Canadian Department of Defence) DCDS stands for Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Canadian Forces) DCDS stands for Deceased, Confirmed Dead at the Scene (parmedics’ slang) DCDS stands for Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems DCDS stands for … Read more


DCE stands for Distributed Computing Environment (OSF) DCE stands for Division of Continuing Education DCE stands for Dynamic Contrast Enhanced (medical tests) DCE stands for Data Communications Equipment DCE stands for Dictionary of Contemporary English DCE stands for Directive Cadre sur l’Eau (French: Framework Directive on Water) DCE stands for Data Circuit-terminating Equipment DCE stands … Read more


DCFA stands for David Cohen Fine Art (UK) DCFA stands for Delaware County Firemen’s Association (Pennsylvania) DCFA stands for Dorset County Football Association (UK) DCFA stands for Discounted Cash Flow Analysis DCFA stands for Daniel Cooney Fine Art (New York, NY; gallery) DCFA stands for Desperate Cry for Attention DCFA stands for Dawson Cole Fine … Read more


DCFM stands for Défense contre les Forces du Mal (French: Defense against the Forces of Evil) DCFM stands for Data Center Fabric Manager (trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.) DCFM stands for Dane County Farmers Market (Wisconsin) DCFM stands for Designated Campus Fire Marshal (various schools)


DCM  stands for Dilated Cardiomyopathy DCM  stands for Dichloromethane DCM  stands for Data Collection Management DCM  stands for Desired Configuration Management DCM  stands for Data Collection and Monitoring DCM  stands for Deputy Chief of Mission DCM  stands for Debt Capital Markets DCM  stands for Druck Center Meckenheim (Meckenheim, Germany) DCM  stands for Doll Capital Management … Read more


DBY stands for Derbyshire (County of Derby, England) DBY stands for Devil Beside You (Taiwanese drama) DBY stands for Day Before Yesterday DBY stands for Discourses of Brigham Young (1926 book by John A. Widtsoe) DBY stands for Death Becomes You (movie) DBY stands for Dead/H Box 3, Y-Linked


DC stands for Direct Current (electricity) DC stands for District of Columbia (US postal abbreviation) DC stands for Dark Crystal (Lineage 2 Game armor set) DC stands for Device Context (Microsoft Windows programming) DC stands for District Court DC stands for Discount DC stands for Disney Channel DC stands for Duty Cycle DC stands for … Read more


DCS stands for Distributed Control System DCS stands for Digital Combat Simulator (software) DCS stands for Douglas County School (various locations) DCS stands for Department of Children’s Services DCS stands for Department of Computer Science (various universities) DCS stands for Distributed Computer System DCS stands for Dynamics of Complex Systems DCS stands for Decompression Sickness … Read more


DCAA stands for Defense Contract Audit Agency DCAA stands for Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) DCAA stands for DoD (Department of Defense) Contract Audit Agency (US DoD) DCAA stands for Dansk Center Vedrørende Alkoholisme Og Andre Afhængighedssygdomme (Danish) DCAA stands for Derbyshire County Athletic Association (UK) DCAA stands for Danish Civil Aviation … Read more