DFSR stands for Distributed File System Replication (MS Windows) DFSR stands for Deleted for Security Reasons DFSR stands for Data Field Storage RAM (Random Access Memory) DFSR stands for Detailed Functional System Requirement DFSR stands for Disaster Financial Status Report (FEMA)


DGAACS stands for Department of General Assembly Affairs and Conference Services (United Nations Secretariat)


DGAL stands for Direction Générale de l’Alimentation (France) DGAL stands for Direcção Geral das Autarquias Locais (Portugal) DGAL stands for Directorate General of Administration and Logistics (Council of Europe Information Technology Department)


DGD stands for Décompte Général et Définitif (French: General and Final Count) DGD stands for Dotation Générale de Décentralisation (French: General Decentralization) DGD stands for Direction Générale de la Coopération au Développement (French: General Directorate for Development Cooperation; Belgium) DGD stands for Directeur Général Délégué (French: Chief Operating Officer) DGD stands for Dual Gradient Drilling … Read more


DGED stands for Direction Générale d’Etudes et de Documentation (French: General Directorate of Studies and Documentation; Morocco) DGED stands for Digital Gene Expression Displayer


DFSS stands for Department of Family and Support Services (Chicago, IL) DFSS stands for Design For Six Sigma DFSS stands for Defence Force School of Signals (Australian Defence Force) DFSS stands for Defence Food Services School (Ministry of Defence; UK) DFSS stands for Dental Fear Survey Schedule DFSS stands for Decision Frontier Solutions Suite (Informix) … Read more