DCER stands for Documents on Canadian External Relations DCER stands for Dynamic Constant External Resistance DCER stands for Davison Community Enrichment and Recreation (Michigan) DCER stands for Design Criteria Engineering Release DCER stands for Dwelling Carbon Emissions Rate (UK)


DCM  stands for Dilated Cardiomyopathy DCM  stands for Dichloromethane DCM  stands for Data Collection Management DCM  stands for Desired Configuration Management DCM  stands for Data Collection and Monitoring DCM  stands for Deputy Chief of Mission DCM  stands for Debt Capital Markets DCM  stands for Druck Center Meckenheim (Meckenheim, Germany) DCM  stands for Doll Capital Management … Read more


DCMB stands for Don’t Call Me Betty (band) DCMB stands for Dartmouth College Marching Band DCMB stands for Direct Coupling Modulated Bias DCMB stands for Developmental, Cell and Molecular Biology (Duke University; Durham, NC) DCMB stands for Development Configuration Management Board (NASA) DCMB stands for District Council of Mount Barker (Australia) DCMB stands for Division … Read more


DCF stands for Department of Children and Families (various US states) DCF stands for Discounted Cash Flow DCF stands for Distributed Coordination Function DCF stands for DRM (Digital Rights Management) Content Format DCF stands for Design rule for Camera File system (JEITA) DCF stands for Dansk Cyklist Forbund DCF stands for Dirigeants Commerciaux de France … Read more


DCMR stands for District of Columbia Municipal Regulations DCMR stands for DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Content Mapping Resource DCMR stands for Differential to Common Mode Rejection (computer networking) DCMR stands for Diplôme de la Coupe du Monde de Rugby (French: Degree from the Rugby World Cup) DCMR stands for Defense Contract Management … Read more


DCFC stands for Death Cab for Cutie (band) DCFC stands for Detroit City FC (soccer club: Detroit, MI) DCFC stands for Derby County Football Club DCFC stands for Direct Carbon Fuel Cell DCFC stands for Direct Current Fast Charge (vehicle charging station) DCFC stands for Dallas Chinese Fellowship Church (Plano, TX) DCFC stands for Dartmouth … Read more


DCDB stands for Direct Current Distribution Board (electronics) DCDB stands for Digital Cadastral Data Base (Department of Environment and Resource Management; Australia) DCDB stands for Domain Control DataBase DCDB stands for Dublin City Development Board (Ireland) DCDB stands for Dickenson County Discussion Board (Dickenson County, VA; online forum) DCDB stands for Darlington County Development Board … Read more


DCFET stands for Doped-Channel Field-Effect Transistor


DCDU stands for Direct Current Distribution Unit DCDU stands for Datalink Control & Display Unit DCDU stands for Digital Cockpit Display Unit DCDU stands for Data Collection & Distribution Units