DGASP stands for Dye 3 Gas and Aerosol Sampling Programme


DGB stands for Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund DGB stands for Direction Générale du Budget (French: General Directorate of Budget; various locations) DGB stands for Développement du Grain de Blé (French: Development of Wheat Grain) DGB stands for Distributed Gaussian Basis DGB stands for Daegu Bank Ltd. (Daegu City, South Korea) DGB stands for De Groot Bril (Earth … Read more


DGBMT stands for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biomedizinische Technik (German Association for Biomedical Engineering)


DGCAIES stands for Diesel Generator Combustion Air Intake and Exhaust System


ACART stands for Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (New Zealand) ACART stands for Advanced Centre for Automotive Research and Testing (Australia) ACART stands for Architecture Compliance and Requirements Traceability


ACASS stands for Advanced Close Air Support System ACASS stands for Architect-Engineer Contract Appraisal Support System (Army contracting) ACASS stands for Architect-Engineer Contract Administration Support System ACASS stands for Audible Cycle Alert Safety Signal (packaging machine feature) ACASS stands for Alberta Congenital Anomalies Surveillance System ACASS stands for All Corporate Aviation Support Services


DFST stands for Département Français des Sciences et Techniques (French: French Department of Science and Technology) DFST stands for Diplôme de Formation Supérieure Technologique (French: Diploma of Higher Education Technology) DFST stands for Department of Food Science and Technology (aka Division of Food Science and Technology; various locations) DFST stands for Depth-First Spanning Tree (graph … Read more


DGCP stands for Direction Générale de la Comptabilité Publique (French: General Directorate of Public Accounting) DGCP stands for Distributed Generation Certified Professional (Association of Energy Engineers) DGCP stands for Des-Gamma-Carboxy-Prothrombin (serological test) DGCP stands for Diesel Generator Control Panel


DFT stands for Discrete Fourier Transform DFT stands for Department for Transport (UK) DFT stands for Density Functional Theory DFT stands for Draft DFT stands for Drift DFT stands for Design For Test DFT stands for Drafting DFT stands for Dry Film Thickness DFT stands for Detroit Film Theatre (Detroit Institute of Arts; Detroit, MI) … Read more