DCDI stands for Directional Correlational Deinterlacing (Faroudja) DCDI stands for Diffusion- and Convection-Dependent Inhomogeneity (physiology)


DCEF stands for Diplôme d’Etudes Comptables et Financières (French: Diploma of Accounting and Finance) DCEF stands for Directions de la Coopération Économique et Financière (French: Directions of Economic and Financial Cooperation; Senegal) dCEF stands for Distributed Cisco Express Forwarding DCEF stands for Davidson County Education Foundation (Lexington, NC) DCEF stands for Douglas County Educational Foundation … Read more


DCFS stands for Department of Children and Family Services DCFS stands for Division of Children and Family Services DCFS stands for Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems (conference) DCFS stands for Department for Children, Families and Schools (UK) DCFS stands for Data Communication & Functional System DCFS stands for Digital Crime and Forensic Science DCFS stands … Read more


DCGN stands for Decode Genetics (Iceland) DCGN stands for Danish Corporate Governance Network DCGN stands for Development Control Guidance Notes (UK) DCGN stands for Design Center for Global Needs (San Francisco State University; California) DCGN stands for Deutsches Corporate Governance Netzwerk (German: German Corporate Governance Network) DCGN stands for Dazed and Confused Gaming Network (website)


DCIB stands for Distribution Consommable Informatique Bureautique (French computer store) DCIB stands for Data Communication Input Buffer (NASA)


DCLA stands for District of Columbia Library Association DCLA stands for Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia DCLA stands for Daring Club Leuven Atletiek DCLA stands for Distinguished Canadian Leadership Awards DCLA stands for Denton County Livestock Association (Denton, TX) DCLA stands for differential cytolocalization assay DCLA stands for Dade County Library Association DCLA stands for … Read more


DCDL stands for Digital Control Design Language DCDL stands for Driver-Controlled Differential Lock DCDL stands for DBS Cholamandalam Distribution Limited (Singapore and India) DCDL stands for Deputy Chief of Defence Logistics (Ministry of Defense; UK) DCDL stands for Digitally Controllable Delay Line


DCFSA stands for Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account DCFSA stands for District of Columbia Financial Services Association (Washington, DC)


DCGP stands for Delaware Council on Gambling Problems DCGP stands for Defence Commercial Graduate Programme (UK) DCGP stands for Digital Commentary Grading Project (various schools) DCGP stands for Dream Coding Grand Prix (gaming) DCGP stands for Division of Corporate and Global Programs (Florida International University) DCGP stands for Dakota County Green Party (Minnesota)