DCDA stands for Dichorionic Diamniotic (twin pregnancy) DCDA stands for Dehsabz City Development Authority (Afghanistan) DCDA stands for Double Check Detector Assembly DCDA stands for Dicyandiamide DCDA stands for Deborah Case Dance Academy (McAllen, TX) DCDA stands for Dorset Coast Digital Archive (England, UK) DCDA stands for Drilling Control and Data Acquisition DCDA stands for … Read more


DCLF stands for Delta Club Livradois Forez (French hang gliding club) DCLF stands for Denver Community Leadership Forum (Denver, CO) DCLF stands for Detroit Community Loan Fund DCLF stands for Dakota County Library – Farmington (Farmington, MN)


DCDAR stands for District of Columbia Daughters of the American Revolution (Washington, DC)


DCDB stands for Direct Current Distribution Board (electronics) DCDB stands for Digital Cadastral Data Base (Department of Environment and Resource Management; Australia) DCDB stands for Domain Control DataBase DCDB stands for Dublin City Development Board (Ireland) DCDB stands for Dickenson County Discussion Board (Dickenson County, VA; online forum) DCDB stands for Darlington County Development Board … Read more


DCDC stands for Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (Dayton, OH) DCDC stands for Decision Center for a Desert City (Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ) DCDC stands for Division of Communicable Disease Control (California) DCDC stands for Detroit Collaborative Design Center (film project) DCDC stands for Detailed Case Data Component DCDC stands for District of Columbia Department … Read more